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Complexity Graphics - Tatiana Plakhova

Started by The Doctor, May 09, 2017, 08:55:05 PM

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The Doctor

Quote"The main idea is to show a new way of "infographic" drawings. Because everything we see is biological, mathematical or geological information. It can also be cultural patterns or any other thing. Complexity Graphics works are based on mathematical simplicity and harmony. I would describe them as infographic abstracts. This mathematical style helps me to illustrate everything from biological cell to the space and meditative worlds. That's why I admire by math, because it's everywhere and nowhere."

- Tatiana Plakhova

Quote"Tatiana Plakhova's artwork not only catches the eye but captivates it for inspiring, uplifting moments. Her style resembles fractal art, but, amazingly enough, hers is a hundred percent handmade creation. One instinctively feels that the complexity of her lines and dots lead to an inner universe aligning with our consciousness. Tatiana subdues what's mechanical in favour of the manual, what's scientific remakes into organic, what's alien and distant she represents personally. Tatiana continues to develop her fascination with the patterns found in the vocabulary of folk art, but also the design of biological organisms and the architecture of cosmos. She combines the aesthetic experience of viewing art with that of observing nature. Her work embodies how balance and harmony can emerge from chaos; it plays with our natural curiosity to explore visual stimuli."
- Sublimotion

Quote"You can either call it Complexism or Networkism ... where imaginary landscapes of interconnected entities are the prevailing theme."
- VisualComplexity

Tatiana Plakhova:


A stunning link! So much to explore in her work. Thank you.


Beautiful work! Thanks for sharing Doc! :)

The Doctor

Yes, there is a certain, apposite, je ne sais quoi, about the images.

Child Horus

The wHole is in the pArt