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Toad space from a dream

Started by Migaloo, May 04, 2017, 04:49:20 AM

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While the experience is still fresh Id like to share a Toad experience that happened in a dream last night. There was an old dark skinned lady giving healings to people. She nodded to me to come over. As soon as she held my hands it was like 15 seconds after toking Toad. I felt the light filling my body, sacred geometry engulfed me as that familiar let go feeling overtook me. The experience was such a real Toad feeling. I dropped right into it. I was bathed in love and light. I disappeared. Eventually like Toad I returned. I lay on my bed rejoicing in the profound deep Toad space I had just entered and came out of. Just like I had smoked the toad sacrament.

Its been around 5 months since I smoked Toad and this was quite different to the reactivations that often happen in the days proceeding the session. It felt somehow more gentle yet still very much toad. Similar experiences have happened before, coming out of a dream. 6 months after Terrance Mc Kenna died he came to me in a dream and gave me a smoke of DMT that was just as "real" as my previous strongest DMT journey. So..... yes our subconscious can create that unified state from within without smoking Toad. Am I releasing 5 Meo DMT while dreaming or is the brain pathways already open that can open when my relaxed being wants to?


This is absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing.