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Body temperature regulation during the 5-meo-dmt experience

Started by nottwo, October 10, 2017, 04:49:24 AM

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Just a couple of thoughts here regarding body temperature whilst taking 5-meo-dmt. Much of this I feel applies also to dmt but perhaps it's even more pertinent to 5 as this seems to have a greater body load and also renders the taker less capable of moving or changing her/his environment after administration.

I tend to reduce the clothing I'm wearing to an absolute minimum immediately before administration. So this might be briefs only in a room that is at 21 degrees C (70 degrees F). I'm also aware that the anxiety that I usually feel before consuming the substance in any case tends to make me feel overheated. I've noticed that I can feel uncomfortably hot when entering the experience both with dmt and 5-meo and that this discomfort can make for an unpleasant ride sometimes so anything that reduces this is ideal. I'll often exit the experience with perspiration on my forehead even though in general I'm the type of person who sweats very little.

However immediately following the experience, body temperature drops rapidly so it's important to have some easily donnable clothing right next to you that you can slip on. I've even gone so far as to have an electric blanket that I can lie back on - which in that situation feels totally divine by the way. If you're taking 5 outside, especially at low temperatures, it's really important to have something warm to wrap yourself up in afterwards!