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Calling out / Calling in

Started by moonbeam, March 04, 2022, 08:25:48 PM

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What is a good way to call out, or call in, an unethical practitioner in an unregulated field?  The intention would be to reduce potential harm to future clients.

There are some cases where speaking to a practitioner 1:1 would not result in any shift in course.  On another end, something like writing a public letter could have personal risks for the complainant, yet possibly the most impact.     

Thoughts? Experiences?


This is a great question, and an important one to ask.

Thanks for bringing this here.

I think perhaps a good place to start is to check in with the practitioner themselves and give them feedback. If they are not open to feedback or unwilling to engage in a process of repair with harmed parties, the next step would be to engage with community leaders or community members who may be able to prevent further harm to others by informing members of the community of the problem. If both of these steps are unavailable, then it would be important to find a public space or forum such as social media, email lists, or otherwise to inform the public about the individuals' unethical practices.

In general, it is very difficult to call in or call out practitioners that are not necessarily part of any specific communities. I would recommend that people only work with practitioners who have community ties so that there can be call in/call out processes in the case of harm caused.

I have gone back and forth about creating a space on this forum for practitioner call ins or call outs, but I think that it is a rather intensive process requiring significant moderation and/or mediation and I haven't felt like these forums have those resources currently available to handle that sort of space.

What thoughts do you have about it?