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Request: HCl salt to Freebase conversion

Started by hivebro, December 07, 2017, 11:44:28 AM

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Hi All,

I've found a bunch of highly-amateurish posts on other forums regarding the protocol for converting the HCl salt form of 5-MeO-DMT to freebase. Does anyone have a well-articulated, precise, detailed protocol to share?

In Sterquilinus Invenitur - In Filth It Will Be Found


In Sterquilinus Invenitur - In Filth It Will Be Found



You may find this new listing informative in regards to your question.




This is my favorite:

Method I - Slow, pure white conversion.
Materials needed: Sodium Carbonate and Water
Make a small amount of saturated sodium carbonate solution by adding plenty of sodium carbonate to water and mixing well, until no more will dissolve (100ml water is more than enough, you'll probably need just a fraction of it. Theoretically for 100ml of water you'll need around 40g sodium carbonate, maybe less).
Decant your saturated solution away from any undissolved sodium carbonate and into a new container.
Put your DMT fumarate in another glass container.
Heat some water to near-boil, and add a small quantity of the hot water to the glass with the DMT fumarate, until it dissolves completely.
Then add a small amount of the sodium carbonate saturated solution to the container with your dissolved DMT fumarate, and you'll see an immediate clouding (which is DMT freebase precipitating).
Keep adding the sodium carbonate solution until no more clouding or color changes occur, and add a bit more just for good measure.
Put your container in the fridge for 3-5 days for your DMT crystals to precipitate completely.
After its done, you can pour off the water through a coffee filter (so any floating crystals will be retrieved).
Scrape up the DMT stuck to the container, and put it on a filter or a plate to finish drying. Now you have perfect DMT freebase achieved with non-toxic solvents :).
After retrieving your crystals you can put the water that had your alkaloids into the freezer, let it freeze over a few hours and thaw, and check if more alkaloids crash out. Nearly all should have precipitated already in the first round of fridge precipitation but its possible after retrievin