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Free Access to Journal Articles Behind Paywalls

Started by RoundAbout, January 16, 2018, 08:52:35 PM

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Journal articles are prohibitively expensive to browse (beyond abstracts) except for those with institutional access.

Free access to a massive number of pirated journal articles is easily available on a variety of websites. I would personally recommend Sci-Hub currently, which is on the clearnet and searches the LibGen repository, and if not found, then their institutional accounts. The domain of the active mirrors changes as they play wack-a-mole with authorities, just search for which domains are currently active (even Wikipedia lists them).

Access to primary literature rather than summaries of summaries can be highly preferable in some cases.

I hope this is helpful to those not familiar.


Thanks Roundabout,

very useful as even after a year or two of not being at University, I have lost my access to academic databases. Have used Sci-Hub a few times with not much luck unfortunately. I think they simply didn't have the articles I was after. So are there other free-access sites like this

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