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Started by Sanctuary of Love, July 04, 2018, 09:54:15 AM

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Sanctuary of Love

I arrive at toad after frog and vine Amazonian traditions. I'm seeking the clarity that is within a non-cognitive relationship with Nature.

I arrive to work with the toad after many years doctoring with Chinese medicine.

I arrive here after many decades of Food as Medicine.

I arrive here as a survivor of covert Mother incest, physical & verbal abuse from Father, ancestral abuses against humanity and Nature through war and industry, dysfunctional and abusive relationship dynamics, lessons learned from four beautiful children, and guilt, shame, self-inflicted abuse/neglect/suppression.

I arrive as a child of wonder and love of the Creation mysteries and the love that exists in all experiences including suffering.

I arrive here grateful to be part of this toad's family and a willingness to learn and open my Heart as we share together what we are being Blessed to receive.


Welcome Sanctuary of Love, thanks for being a part of this community.  <3