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Prevarications During Sleep

Started by Graceful Heart, August 06, 2018, 10:25:49 PM

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Graceful Heart

I am a few days out from having my first experience with 5.
The last three nights I have been waking up in what seems to
be similar to what many of you have described as reactivations.
It feels like, by making the decision to have this experience, nondual
awareness is beginning to trigger preactivations. It is extremely powerful
and disorienting. Once I come out of the dream space and become aware of being in a body on a bed then I
grok that this is related to some anticipatory awakening of ego dissolution. There is also some knowledge that the facilitators are present during these dream trips.
I am curious if others have felt this. From what I have gathered, you cannot truly know what the experience is until you have had it but whatever is happening it feels undeniably powerful. It feels like time is becoming more flexible.