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Started by Goddess of Light, August 02, 2018, 01:59:10 PM

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Goddess of Light

Blessings beautiful souls! My given name is Keely. I am a Medicine Woman, Energy alchemist, I speak Light Language.

I started working with Bufo a year ago and began assisting my teacher then. On my third journey the medicine told me I would serve. I didn't say anything; just continued to support and be in service in ceremony. When my teacher told me it was time, I was honored.

I've sat in over 50 ceremonies with the Grandmother plants and studied with my Taita and Abuelo from the Siona and Inga tribes in the jungles of Colombia, as well as Wachuma, Peyote, Yopo, DMT, Changa, Mushrooms, LSD etc.

I have been sober for 9 years and hope to help many people with this amazing medicine. My heart wants to be in service. I find it an honor to hold space for others. I pray each day to stay humble, never judge and to be used for our worlds highest good. I look forward to getting to know and learning from others here. May Spirit guide you.... Aho! _/|\_ <3
I see you! I love you! You deserve to be happy!!!


Welcome to the 5 Hive.

We greatly appreciate your presence, experience, and gifts.

However we do ask that you please do follow the rules and do not advertise services. Your above post has been modified to fit our requirements. Do know that this is a harm reduction forum and we acknowledge that this medicine is still considered a schedule 1 substance in many countries.