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Intranasal administration of 5-meo-DMT HCL

Started by n4om1, September 20, 2018, 04:36:53 AM

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I've read elsewhere on the forum that intranasal insufflation is a more effective route of administration for the HCL form than vaporizing it.

Is this true, does anyone have experience doing this? Any recommendations if so?


It is indeed! Ralph Metzner talks extensively about this in his book The Toad and the Jaguar. It would be recommended to do so with the HCl. The dose would be around 8-15mg of the HCl salt. 15 would definitely be considered high, and most would need only 10-12 for a breakthrough.


What!! A book recommendation goes above and beyond the response I expected, thank you Humble Voyager!! I'll get my hands on this and report back with a review and my experiences asap.

Wow, thank you so much, I've only just begun digging and this has revealed a whole heap of awesome stuff from Ralph Metzner I haven't come across before. So excited, thanks HV.


Wonderful! He has written several really good ones. Allies for Awakening is another favorite of mine. And his writing is very to the point which is also very refreshing.