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5-MeO-DMT Sacred medicine

Started by Infinite Spirit, January 17, 2018, 10:41:23 AM

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Graceful Heart

Thank you for sharing this beautiful and insightful report. I am also curious about what another poster asked; is the genie Sherlock vaporizer worth the investment, and why use it over a simple freebase type of pipe? Blessings!


Quote from: Rising Spirit on February 27, 2018, 08:41:57 AM
Quote from: Infinite SpiritI did want to also say thank you for your introduction to 'Surat Shabd Yoga' – I hadn't heard about that before and I'm always fascinated to learn about any spiritual practice e that incorporates the use of sound. I briefly looked into this and it's certainly an area I would like to explore further.
Thank you again for your openness an willingness to share  <3 _/|\_

Surat Shabd Yoga, as taught within the tradition of the Radhasoami faith or alternately, Sant Mat...  is essentially, Nada Yoga and dates back to before the Upanishads were even written down.  The gist of the method is to close out the external distractions by plugging the ears, eyes, nostrils, etc...  so as to attune the inner ear (the mind's ear or perhaps, the 3rd ear) to the various tones within the sound current of AUM, whose resonance creates myriad realities.   _/|\_ _/|\_ _/|\_

There are ascending inner sounds which are traditionally likened to:  crickets chirping, tiny bells being rung, rumbling thunder, buzzing bees, high flute sounds, fluttering, droning motor-like sounds, hissing or more accurately, the sound of steam whispering...  and maybe the highest ringing over-tone, what NN-DMT voyagers call, "The Carrier Wave".  The uplifting, high resonance sound current as a vibratingng oscillation, which carries the attention of the witness listening to higher and higher still, peak levels of conscious-awareness. 

Ultimately, the roaring silence gives way to an absolute quietude.  The mind stops thinking and identifying this or that aspect of the vibratory field of the Infinite Web and in such clarity and sheer emptiness...  the awakening of the Omniself takes birth.  This is Savikalpa Samadhi and no dualism can exist in such an undifferentiated vacuum of Divine ecstasy.   <3

I left the Sant Mat path back in 1984, after 2 years involvement, as it is a VERY sectarian path.  Many of the disciples are fixated on Guru worship and spend a ridiculous amount of focus putting other paths down and failing to see the underlying unity between the various schools of meditation, regardless of sect or affiliation. 

Tragically, many of the problems stem from the hierarchically oriented pride sprouting from the Sikh influence within this path.  Sadly, egotism and one-upmanship nearly poisons the present lineage, as is so with most organized religious groups.  Pardon any if I offend but from the standpoint of Advaita Vedanta, this whole dream is imaginary.  Sigh...  I've no stomache for rigid sectarianism, it's not exactly my cup of tea for it tastes quite sour.

From my vantage point, the teachings of Maharshi Mehi Paramhans are the very highest within the lineage.  He wrote extensively about the unity of all spiritual paths and interpreted the Vedas, Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita and the teachings of Sant Kabir.  He lived 101 years but departed in 1986.  Do look into his writings, Maharshi Mehi Paramhans Ji. 

There is an understated, practically microscopic link at the bottom if this post.  A free pdf of one of this Surat Shabd Yoga teacher's books, Philosophy of Liberation.  Just click on the link, that is, if you can find it.   ;)   ;D   ;) 


Try chanting Hare Krishna maha mantra as you come back. In my experience the trascendental sound vibration that it creates is soooo powerful that it gives you A LOT to think 🤔  about.    It definitely helps if you practice it before so you're tongue rolls out with the very vibration of the medicine .

Rising Spirit

Quote from: HareKrishnaTry chanting Hare Krishna maha mantra as you come back. In my experience the trascendental sound vibration that it creates is soooo powerful that it gives you A LOT to think 🤔  about.    It definitely helps if you practice it before so you're tongue rolls out with the very vibration of the medicine.

Yes, the Maha mantra is quite wonderful, indeed!  It has a hypnotic quality to it.  One of the highest master souls of the 20th century, Sri Sri Sitaramdas Omkarnath Maharaj, taught this mantra to his pupils.  He was so high that it's a miracle that he maintained a physical body for such a long lifetime.  My brother and I used this mantra the entire summer of 1978 and it yields a very deep interconnection with Divine love. 

Like all mantras, however, it can lose it's form entirely, when concentration becomes deep enough, whereby it melts into the infinite formless cause of all causation, like snowflakes vanishing upon a flowing river.  I prefer to listen for the enigmatic tone of the AUM vibration.  Even seed mantras like:  Om Ah Hum, So Hum, Hong Sa, Om Namah Shivaya and Om Mani Padme Hum...   themselves, entirely dissolve into the Infinite field of the AUM vibration.  Going deeper still, all sound is silenced within an emptiness to vast that even conscious-awareness loses it's reference. 

I clearly recall having a discussion with two followers of the Hare Krishna movement, way back in 1979, when I first lived in Boulder, Colorado.  One of the zealots was more forceful and enthusiastic.  He emphatically insisted that only by chanting the Maha mantra, could the human soul become liberated, living within this current Kali Yuga.  He acknowledged that even the Maha mantra emerges from the OM, but proclaimed that only advanced yogis are pure enough to meditate upon the source of all sounds.  I prahnamed him and smiled to myself.  Without humility, any seeker is only further entrenched in illusion, so I kept my opinion to myself.  Should I do so here and now?  Who can say without some degree of uncertainty? 

But in all sincerity, I still feel that the primal humming of the Omkara is the most direct path to moving beyond duality, with it's ringing overtone, "The Carrier Wave".  Ultimately, an absolute emptiness and eternal quietude is found within the epicenter of the rumbling force of the Roaring Silence...  and that is our truest nature (as Brahman).  Within the nondual center of all passing phenomena exists such an immeasurable expanse of infinite stillness, that subjectivity is wholly erased.  That being said, what a lovely and rhythmic chant the Maha mantra is!!!   _/|\_ _/|\_
There is no self to which I cling, for I am one with everything.


Thanks you Infinite Spirit,

Always love hearing reports from people who experience the Mudra phenomenon...I don't think its that common and it is my intuition that these positions act like antennas allowing the body to channel the force of the universal energy pouring through us in a manner that somehow acts like a perfect circuit of efficient process.

This observation of that 'narrative-less purge' with 5-Meo is something I have often felt to be one of its most efficacious gifts. Often with medicines such as ayahuasca, the purge is a story, construct or unhelpful pattern that we have attached to hence it needs to be examined as we let go of it whereas 5-MeO seems to be able to get beneath this 'self-identification' to traumas, pains, sufferings, fears, ect that we have held so deeply and for so long (perhaps even genetically inherited) that we are no longer even subconsciously aware of them, they have become an unaccessible part of our being... and thus to release these blockages to our true divinity is indeed a sacred gift :)

Thanks you so much for this truly well articulated sharing of what sounds like a ceremony conducted with great integrity and love,