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Since my 5 experience, I don't want any substances - like alcohol, sugar, coffee

Started by Goodshift, April 24, 2019, 01:08:11 PM

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At least in the same way.  I am no longer feeding that empty part of me.   _/|\_ <3
Any one else experience similar reactions?  So good. 
Feel happier, less resentful, more energy, more patient. 
Realized after day three of integration.... I hadn't let myself authentically feel an emotion in years. 
Beautiful.  I FEEL good about this experience.


Wonderful to hear about these positive changes you're experiencing!  <3

Please share these posts in the appropriate forum areas. Moving this to the Integration board.


Yes, it´s funny how cravings stop.

I still like to have a drink or two, but not get drunk.  I can´t withstand the smell of tobacco and basically can´t remember the feeling of doing a line.

being more emotional is a little bit hard.


Same.  Had no intentions of giving up coffee - my only real vice.  But I just don't feel the need anymore.