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My experience with Bufo — I’d welcome your thoughts

Started by SKE, August 10, 2019, 05:37:40 PM

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I had my first Bufo experience today. It was very intense and I felt an extraordinary amount of pain - my hope is that I was letting go of it. That was my intention, but not sure it happened. 7-8 hours later I'm reflective, but don't feel much if any difference. I've been really depressed, ruminating, and sad and while I feel a little calmer after the upheaval I experienced, I don't feel the shift many others speak of. I don't feel the bliss or joy many others talk about and experienced today either, and I'm ok with that as it wasn't my intent. But wondering what to do now.

I'd welcome your thoughts, ideas, suggestions, advice and musings. I've written about the experience in my journal and now just chilling out. Hoping a shift will occur and being open to whatever comes. But a little skeptical given my feelings and state haven't had much of a shift.

Quick aside, the person facilitating the session assured that I completely took the dose (don't know amount) but this believe it as the experience itself was very intense and at one point I felt I was dying.


No two experiences are the same on 5-meo-DMT. i´ve had 6 i think, and all of them were diferent. It always help me to think that it´s the experience i need not the one i want.

But the common factor is that it always get me in contact with my emotions in depth that i didn´t knew were possible.

dosage amount may vary. usually that blissful and joyful feelings come in the lower end of mid strength experiences. after that i think its more of a balance or unity type of feeling, and balance has both good & bad in it.  Maybe to get there you needed to bleed out of that pain.

heavy doses are hard to process without the proper experience/guidance. And we have no idea what was the real dose.

whatever the experience, i´d recommend a second try whenever you are ready.  then you will have more perspective and maybe that pain has waned and lets you bring more joy.  Does the facilitator has a good track record? an plenty of experience?

after two months i decided to try out bufo again. it left me completely exhausted all my body aches, and my eyes want to close.  But i´m full of peace. I tought i wanted that jolt of happiness that i got after my first try, or the clear headedness of my second try. 


Are you dealing with depression, or just depressed that you didn't have a major perspective shift or afterglow?  I would try again, as each experience can be different depending on what mindset or intention you bring. I have had 2 re-entries that we're emotionally challenging and unsatisfying and I took a second dose at that moment and the second experience was better for one of the experiences (the same for the other). I've also noticed how my emotions change in the days following each experience, so stay reflective and aware as you process your experiences.