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Smoking Synthetic when you don't know the difference between HCl and freebase

Started by lucha54, February 24, 2020, 11:07:35 AM

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If you want to experience synthetic 5 by smoking it, how do you know you have the right form?
After it's been tested with reagent kits, to make sure it is 5meo...

I've read about HCl, oxalate and freebase and I'm not sure what the difference is and what to do to prepare for smoking it.

Thanks for any guidance you can offer!!


Also I have smoked synthetic before but received a batch from another source so want to make sure it's ready as is.


Any salt form of 5meo will burn at a lower temperature than freebase. If you're wanting to vaporize it, you would need to determine the melting or boiling point of the substance (5-MeO-DMT oxalate) and try to make sure you were not burning the material (heating it beyond the melting/boiling point).

You could also convert it to freebase form and try vaporizing that, but I have less knowledge about chemistry and can't answer that very well. There is a thread on this forum where we discuss conversion, give it a search and you should be able to find it :)


Very late reply but will be useful information for others.

You can check if it's freebase or salt by dissolving some in water. If it dissolves, it's salt. Otherwise it's freebase.
I wouldn't recommend smoking salts, it's not so healthy. Smoking hcl  >:(
To convert you can dissolve your salt into water, add a base with pka of 10 or higher such as sodium hydroxide. Then filter  O0