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Recapitulation of the blast of white fractal light

Started by Omnislug, May 25, 2020, 04:03:16 PM

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Last night I had a very intense experience very similar to the overwhelming explosion of the 5MEO experience. I'd been working with my phalaris plants several times yesterday, observing them very closely and. =feeling= them intimately, I just felt this day I should be paying close attention to them. On going to bed last night I was recapitulating my last experience ( I'd done this several times over the day) settling into my pillow I did this again and the feeling of death speeding towards me like the 5MEO does happened. The intensity of this grew to the point I felt fear and then it was like I was back in the space.  Not nearly as overwhelming as my last experience but it was very strong sensation.
It honestly makes me want to go back there. Ive ordered what are said to be Turkey Red phalaris seeds and I PRAY they are the same as the one I grew in the past.
" Only When You Are Nothing Will You Be Everything" Matus


Fascinating account! Will be interesting to hear how your continued experiments with that plant go.