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5 Meo VOID, also possible with other medicines?

Started by almani, June 26, 2020, 08:23:59 AM

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I hope this reading finds you all in best spirits and physical health. I am curiouse (or rather my ego is) about the experience of 5 meo. I have had several psylocibin mushroom trips, and also vaping DMT. I have been spiritual practicing for many years. My medicines have been added only for the past year, before that, only meditation. I was on the seeking path, and always waiting for the big enlightment, as i did not "reach" this expected goal, i turned towards psychedelics. my first ever experience was vaping DMT, I have had 8 trips so far with DMT and around 10 with mushrooms. a year ago it clicked, and that what i was looking for, was the place i was looking from my whole life. we are all just unlimited conciousness, having a brief experience in our shells. I was questioning all my experiences with medicines and meditations, and it clicked when i realized, there was one observer of all experiences, of all dreams, of all coming and going. This observer is somewhat felt alot more intense when in deep sitting sessions (meditations without any goal, who meditates? who wants to go anywhere?)...and also ofcourse with medicines. I have had great experiences with medicines so far, they open the door for the pure light, for states of "i am everything, but also nothing - some call it the void", but they also open the door for the dark and negative energies in my experience.

I was wondering or rather my ego was, and is becoming more interested in 5 meo. I am sure on one end, the void is the same for all medicines or sitting sessions, i have not experiences a different void before. Now from reading posts in different forums, some say this void is reachable also on NN DMT, some say only with bufo or high dose mushrooms. Now everybody is also different. 5 meo will not beable to show me anything other than unlimited conciousness, possibly in a more expanded way than i have felt before, possibly not?! my ego is curiouse. I would like to hear if any of you have had similar experiences or thoughts. I wish you all a lovely weekend.

Rising Spirit

Greetings and welcome to The 5 Hive.   _/|\_ _/|\_

Like yourself, I began my journey of spiritual remembrance doing sober sitting meditation.  Of course, I was just 15 and wouldn't have started the practice, had it not been for my involvement with traditional Korean martial arts.  Despite my slow acclamation with the method of meditation taught by my master(essentially Zazen), my experience of the Void was merely conceptual.  My mind had never been close to empty nor my awareness wholly single-pointed.  Fast forward to art school and my involvement with LSD-25...  my mind was totally blown away!

While my interest in meditation deepened, I was drawn more and more towards yogic methods, as so many of my experiences paralleled the path of the Nath tradition, which let me to SRF and the teachings of Yogananda.  I had Kundalini activation before I had even read or heard about it, triggered by large doses of acid.  My absorption into the Clear Light of The Void changed my life path and my goals, as a human being. 

Over the decades, I shifted my preference to natural medicines, especially mushrooms.  That said, in the early 1990s I reacquainted myself with clean LSD and I pretty much did as much of it as I could balance with my day-to-day life.  For nearly 18 years I abstained from all entheogens, except for cannabis.  Out of the blue, a good friend of mine insisted that I experience NN-DMT at least once.  OMG!!!  I was wholly shattered to infinitesimal bits of cosmic dust. 

My inaugural voyage with 5-MeO-DMT was the culmination of my entire spiritual journey into clear remembrance.  It is the pinnacle of entheogenic traveling.  You will find it an experience far beyond the beyondest of beyonds.  God speed, my friend.   <3 <3

There is no self to which I cling, for I am one with everything.

Rising Spirit

While I (whoever that is) have had white light and void experiences with LSD, mushrooms and DMT...   nothing truly compares to the power, immensity and limitless expansion of 5-MeO-DMT.  I actually thought I had died during my first breakthrough.  Interphase is seamless.  Self Is wholly shattered to infinitesimal particles of rapidly dissolving dream dust.  The peak is so far beyond words...  that nothing can be feasibly said to encapsulate the transcendent experience.  I wholeheartedly recommend this medicine.  It reveals Sat Chit Ananda in most the direct way.  Namaskar.   _/|\_ _/|\_
There is no self to which I cling, for I am one with everything.