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Handling, Storage, Measuring Considerations

Started by A Single Step, June 21, 2020, 06:59:58 AM

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A Single Step

I recently received 120 mg quantities of material in small, clear, plastic packets.  I realize this is a very small amount of substance for which there are special considerations for storage and handling if I want to minimize spoilage and loss.  I understand polypropylene is anti-static, because of a post I read about measuring scoops.  How about mini glass vials, would they cause much static cling?  I was thinking of placing material in a polypro vial and then storing the vial(s) in a sealed mason jar.  How about a mini funnel?  Links to suggested items (amazon, etc) would be appreciated.

I understand the mini scoops are probably sufficient, but my inner science nerd likes the idea of high precision measuring.  I am looking at this scale on Bangood.  Any thoughts?

physics envy

Are you discussing synthetic or toad venom?  I'm guessing synthetic due to the amount, but could be wrong. 

Others probably have better storage methods, but I've found from working with various powders over the years that paper seems to be the easiest way to move the powder from one location to another without it sticking to sides of containers, baggies, measuring devices, etc.  So I wrap my powders in paper, then place the paper in airtight baggies and/or vials.  Trying to get a small amount of powder out of a glass vial can be a pain...