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A brief hello...

Started by Voakanga, January 02, 2021, 01:08:44 PM

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Hello to all the forum members, I'm Voakanga the skinny kangaroo from Australia, that country down under and far away where the most interesting toad is called the Cane Toad. It's not even a native creature but was introduced from Hawaii in 1935 in order to control the cane beetle and has now become one of this country's most notorious feral pest animals due to its toxicity and the fact that native creatures usually die upon ingestion of the little buggers.
I'm pleased to be able to join this forum, I've had a long and enduring interest in all things entheogenic which are able to inform our consciousness in powerful and positive ways.
Peace and goodwill to you all, and here's hoping for a positive 2021 in the face of all the stressors that we're currently enduring.