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Voyaging Between The Unspeakable Quintessence and The Pyramids of Light: Part 1.

Started by Rising Spirit, December 14, 2021, 03:53:33 PM

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Rising Spirit

Part One.
(No possible translation)

I have been awaiting the muse to share my last two 5 experiences with you fine people.  Partly because the mind shattering whiteout experience that happened late last July, my 11th spirit journey with 5-MeO-DMT, was effectively beyond any dualistic reporting and also, there was an immense need to ground and integrate such a powerful shift in perceptual dimensionality.  Finding buoyancy, if you will?  15 mg was by far the largest volume of the 5 sacrement that I had ever imbibed (vaped).  KABOOM...  and gone.

Perceptually, it was largely self-erasing, overwhelming and most identity-dissolving.  So much so, that my entire reference point for what I believe is my innermost state of conscious witnessing, had experientially vanished wholly within the blinding light of a seemingly, rushing swirl of raw spiritual energy at play.  Sonic vibrations reducing me to free radical atoms aligning to the forever ringing sound of Godself, enigmatically radiating divinity into the inky darkness of no-thingness.  A vortexial vacuuming ecstasy consumed my soul boundaries... evaporating me, myself and I with an ease that can be most terrifying!  :o

The fascinating thing about such complete, enlightening ego-deaths, is the immense mystery behind it all.  Personal cognizance evaporates with lightening speed and some ancient, yet unborn force draws the psychonautical pilgrim beyond the beyondest of possible beyonds.  Dissipation, annihilation, rebirth and unbound bliss coalesce into an explossive fluttering of self and non-self.  To this day, I speculate that such blinding effulgence is like an unbroken beam of Divine light, whose vibration sets into motion sonic resonance, which rings out an eternal note, one struck from the epicenter of all universes, all at once.  Even the filmiest of veils weave intricate patterning, the most subtly luminous, laser-like interwebbing spiraling from the inside to the outside...  and back again. 

Still, most of the experience shatters the fragile paradigmn of person-to-person communication into infinitesimally elusive degrees of dualistic interplay, eventually silenced, dissipating into the emptiness of complete non-duality.  It's all far too ineffibley transcendental to successfully dissect with our conditional human reason and therefore, defies all quantification, as per being an Absolute, clear light void.  So naturally, rather than chasing my own tail, in terms of worded linguistic efforts, I have been silent.  Until today, that is.  I journeyed for the 12th time with the sacrement this afternoon.  It was fueled by less than half the amount but still was very mystical in nature.  Yet, I was still subjectively present for nearly 85% of the geyser-like, ascending trip.  Enough to perhaps rekindle my desire to share my vision quests with fellow travelers?   <3

So mind-bogglingly beyond words, yet, the experience emphatically fuses one's soul awareness to the trajectory of the infinity of this present moment.  Personality is, blasted into a formless limitlessness so vast it scares me half to death, each and every time it devours my very subjectivity...  opening an empty/fullness pulsing in symbiosis with a blindingly bright, insubstantial effulgence. 

Meanwhile in the material realms, pulsars, exploding supernovas, black wormholes thirsty for energy, spiralling galexies creating solar system after solar system, sky-rocketing cometary bodies, earthly life and microscopic deep interiors create completely geometric phenomena.  Such incredible symmetry that super-charged particles spiral together in seamless unity.  Waves of particles dancing freely within a wholly symbiotic pulse.  Atoms, neutrons, electrons, quarks and tinier and tinier ethereal nanoparticles ad infinitum... appear in harmony and appearing equally as all things, a pulse to all beating hearts, everywhere all at once (and forevermore). 

Ultimately, I humbly speculate that deep within such an immense blinding whiteness, is a love too difficult to convey in words.  Too beautiful to adequately exalt and far, far too ineffible to grasp with mortal heart, mind nor even intuition...  exists the core, zero-point field of pure indivisibility.  Perhaps the bright void from whence everything manifests from therein or simulates out of?  Nondual presence.  So great a field of sparkling, shimmering luminescence (Omniscient and oh so perfect a causative Source) it dispels the mesmerizing illusion of birth, death and our fleeting human dreamscapes.  Well then, it seems that I have said an awful lot about what cannot feasibly be spoken of.  I'm sure that the irony is not lost to most of you guys?  Have a happy and healthy Holiday Season!  AUM   _/|\_ _/|\_
There is no self to which I cling, for I am one with everything.