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Voyaging Between The Unspeakable Quintessence and The Pyramids of Light: Part 2.

Started by Rising Spirit, December 30, 2021, 04:23:22 PM

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Rising Spirit

Part Two.
(An attempt to quantify)

During my most recent and least obliterating of intrepid spirit journeys with 5, the subjective perception of my witnessing self remained intact for perhaps 85% of the psychedelic voyage.  This was due in part to my growing familiarity with the whole chemical bloom of the experience and more so, the amount of synthesized sacrement vaporized.  My last remaining bit from a 114 mg packet.  A gift from a beautiful soul.  It was likely to be approx. 5+ mg?  It was slightest volume I have ever consumed, in stark contrast to the previous journey, a classic whiteout experience.  In summation, the prior voyage was most self-erasing.  Not a blackout experience at all...  but something that takes conscious-awareness into an altogether different paradigmn, an infinite expansion of blinding light.  Such high energy shifts in perceptual dimensionality, literally vibrate the subjectivity right out of oneself (or is it deeper into one's self, to the very epicentrical core of being?).  Upon this recent, far milder voyage, I took careful notice of the series of the progressing stages of the trip.  I was accutely focussed on mapping out some of the primary attributes of such a nondual, transcendental experience.

As I am accustomed to do, I begin each DMT journey with the adequate amount of stretching, Hatha yoga and pranayama included.  I sit in deep meditation for 20 to 30 minutes and try to loosen myself up as much as I am able to, bodily, mentally and emotionally.  I clear the area carefully of potentially harmful objects and surround myself with blankets and pillows.  I always start such explossive experiences, mindfully sitting upright in a lotus posture.  Most of the time I end up either flat out on my back or I fall forwards onto my face and leave the material body helpless but safely here on Terra Firma, while meanwhile, I dissolve into the vortexial fulcrum of the omniscience of the eternal spirit.  Rarely can I maintain an upright sitting or standing posture with either DMT or 5-MeO-DMT.  This time, however, I maintained the padmasana through the entirety of the trip, holding space in a most attentive and deeply reverentialy way.   _/|\_ _/|\_

In terms of an almost immediate effect, was the awareness of an ever-increasing ringing tonality, whose intrinsic vibration creates multiples of sympathetic tonal harmonies, echoing endlessly, all combined to produce a symphony of ascending harmonics.  This is much like the ringing chime of an Asian brass gong being struck (yet with no beginning, nor any seeming cessation) and the tonal vibration acts an emissary sorts, echoing a frequency of sonics more powerful in such moments, than even galexies exploding into being.  It always sounds so conscious and ALIVE...  as if the ethereal ringing tonality was singing praises to the whole universe, echoing the voice of our Omniversal source.  The vibrating rings of energy cascaded throughout my mind and shattered my fixation with the mere surface of material life.  They all issue from a single, higher resonance tone and appear to mimic the supremacy of the single overtone.  Said "overtone" acts as a carrier wave and so, magnetically pulls one's rapt attention higher and deeper into the core source of the sonic vibratory field. 

Both N,N-DMT and 5-MeO-DMT share this higher tonality, oscillating fantastically, accompanied by the vertically sky-rocketing ride the pilgrim embarks upon.  The 5 sacrement seems less sharp and more serenity-evoking, if that makes any sense?  I always allow myself to travel consciously into the pulsations of the tonal ringing.  In conjunction with the sonic phenomena, there are intricate fractals weaving patterns in curved, aching geometric plumes.  While my voyages with this sacrement appear largely monochromatic, I noted the interplay of violet and teal-green refractions edging the intricately white lines forming the fractals within the inky darkness.  Each gentle pattern interlaced into a larger designs, melting incrementally into a ceiling of incomprehensible neon-brightness, whose clear and sparkling luminosity bespoke of the great effulgence, pulsing beyond this fragile mortal paradigmn.

There was a palpable building up of the Kundalini sleeping dormantly inside of my human physiology.  This 12th voyage with 5-MeO was astoundingly, yet unsurprisingly, exactly like a classical yogic description of the awakening of the Serpent Energy.  So much so, that I felt each ascending chakra ignite and fully activate, as the energy expanded by degree after degree.  The rise in energies was in total sync with the arching fractal weaving.  While quite less psychedelic and kaleidoscopic than with DMT or very high doses of LSD-25, the visions were softer edged, more lacey and extremely lovely.  They were projected over an inky blackness and above the arching wings of the personal witness, shone pulsations of laser beams, fractals of neon white light.  They were rays of effulgence that created an inverted pyramid of sorts.  These Jacob's ladder-like beams interlocked with corresponding pyramidal rays of energy rising up from beneath my bodily frame.  It appeared as if it arose from the very epicentrical core point of this entire planet.  The dual forces crystallized and coalesced as one clearly formed pattern.  Like the Star of David but multidimensional in scope. The center of this Star of David eclipsing with point blank within the focus of the Ajna chakra, the 3rd eye or...   singular eye. 

While the visual elements came so quickly, the sonic elements continued as the geyser-like rush of energy exploded into full bloom, which expanded into the entirety of my crown, as if the cosmos had opened an attic door into the Absolute.  And as the higher regions of my mind interphased with the full bloom of the Sahasrara chakra, the effulgence churning from higher fields of dimensionality ever entranced my internal observations. 

Naturally, my soul wished to go into a full whiteout eclipsing but I was content to float arms length above my material head, ecstatically fused with the indivisibility of The Light of God.  I was a holographic projection of the luminosity.  We all are always, however, the mesmerizm of our physical senses and the power of the mental ego, with it's penchant for dualism, keep us asleep and dreaming.  For a brief eternity, the "I" becomes translucent.  It shifts from a separate point of personal division, into a multidirectional vortex of a seeming infinity of selves.  The I becomes the Eye, if you will and there is this dawning realization that we are all the same indivisible being, The Omniself.  One unified field, a singular force, beating within all hearts, yet, free in limitless resplendence. 

From such a nondual epiphany, one's entire dream of being an isolated self, an independent part of the story is an utter illusion.  Whose mesmerizm is this anyway?  There is naught but the One, so without the divided mind of subjective perception, there exist a clarity and stillness, one far beyond any and all human thought forms.  Then at the perfect moment, Amrita floods from above and cascades into the vessel of the soul. This always nurtures the traveler's, mind's-heart, with the nectar of immortality and from such a state of spiritual reflection, the boundaries are effectively erased by the enlightenment of the underlying unity.  Tears flow from the corners of the eyes and Amrita trickles down the throat in ecstatic spurts.  I cannot honestly say if ordinary rates of breathing are actually happening, in such pivotal moments...  but if they are, it is ever so subtle a respiratory cycle.  Gratitude then follows, humility and a desire to be a much better person.  I am convinced that such an awakening has great value in increasing our compassion and empathy for others.  After all, when the lines disappear and the divisions dissolve within the pulsation of the great white light, The Source reveals itself in the most loving yet terrifyingly of ways, literally devouring our mortal limitations. 

A few weeks of grounding and integrating has done wonders for my outlook on life.  I am greatly humbled and so thankful.  Peace, love and much light to you all, my fearless friends.  Om Shanti.   <3 <3
There is no self to which I cling, for I am one with everything.