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storage and conversion

Started by Friend2All, February 20, 2022, 10:11:05 PM

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Hi all ! My first post. I acquired some synthetic about 2+ years ago, and stored it (in plastic) in a freezer since then. At first it was off-white in color. Now there's a definite brown cast to it. It was identified to me as freebase.

Has it gone bad? What would happened if it were vaped as is? Is there any way to "refresh" it? Could I convert it to salt and refresh it that way? I want to be able to use this. Ultimately, I think it might be best to convert to salt and take sublingually (is that preferred?), rather than vape. If it were to be vaped, what is a proper vaping temperature (using a temperature set volcano vaporizer)?

It seems to me that salt/sublingual would allow for easiest dosage experimentation and adjustment. Any opinions on that?

Thanks. Best wishes to all.


Hello and welcome!

The change in color is likely due to some oxidation of the freebase, but probably not a significant decrease in potency.

You will probably be able to vaporize it and experience effects without any noticeable differences.

You can definitely convert this into a salt form, but that isn't necessary unless you wanted to.

406-410 F is the temp where it will completely vaporize.

As always, it is best harm reduction practice to ensure that you have the correct substance. Consider sending a sample to in order to get your sample tested.


Thanks for your response HumbleVoyager. Very useful. I'm pretty confident regarding the integrity of the substance, but I'm going to consider the option you suggest, of getting it verified.

I have found a youtube video which gives a simple answer and instruction for conversion to salt. I think I will first try vapor, as you have talked about. I've basically come to the same conclusion you suggested: that there's some minor oxidation, which likely wouldn't be much of a problem. IMO there's a greater likelihood of accidentally taking too large a dose by using the salt which is mostly (but not completely!) avoided by vaping (carefully).

Brother Goose

I was told it stores best in salt form for long term use. Is that true?

Keeping it in a bag in a lil container in a tuberware lined with silica gel in a bag in a drawer at room temperate. I figure that should be good enough to keep theoretically forever.
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