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hi. I'm shaky radical

Started by shakyradical, March 27, 2023, 03:05:04 PM

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hey folks,   

I'm new to the forum. been reading for a few months. now would like to engage with peeps to get more info.

I'm new to medicine in general, and 5 has picked me it seems.   

did the more well known stuff back in a past life, and now in this life have done some light doses of 5 vaped, and one moderate dose via IM.
IM is very much the ROA I want to talk about and explore as vaping is very jarring (as you all know)

I largely want to heal trauma, I'm very much coming from an academic mindset, seeing research on brain growth is very
exciting to me. and hearing how IM 5 released physical tension in all participants of one study (ie release of stored trauma) is also very exciting to me as someone with CPTSD.

I also know that this medicine is not to be taken lightly and approached with respect and even reverence.  I endeavour to cultivate this spirit more through this community and learning from all the wisdom that exists with you all.