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Started by lonelyCloud, November 12, 2022, 02:49:36 AM

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My journey reached a climax this morning.
I got it.
It just is.
It is fantastically simple That is the miracle of creation.
I have spent over 7 years getting to today. Through some difficult challenges. I have read, researched, prepared, and meditated. I have used all the other substances. I accept and love myself.
Today was my first full 5 meo, experience. I have had a few beautiful low doses, of handshake experiences, I have done it with a guide who introduced me to the substance, but today it was me alone in the forest. Me in nature, alone. When I did it with a guide he told me I was a natural, and it felt very natural to me. I have seen the videos and read the reports on the dangers of this substance, and I perhaps somewhat arrogantly or recklessly decided that the dangers did not apply to me.
It is impossible for me to describe the intensity and the beauty of the experience I had this morning, It is alarming even how quickly it appears to be fading from my memory.
I have been trying to find people similar to myself to connect with, but it is not easy.
I am a married man in his 50s with young adult kids. Psychedelics seem to be made for me. In my 7 years, on multiple substances. I have not had an experience, that has not been beautiful and valuable. My life has improved in all aspects. I am healthier, happier, I am less stressed. I love life. I have found some people who are on the path I am but I do not know whether it is due to my lucky biology, or my outlook but I seem to be blessed in many respects.
What sets me apart from others I have met on the way:I always have very positive experiences, others I have met seem to have milder or more negative experiences.

  • I do not have any significant underlying traumas that I am aware of. I am not trying to heal anything.

  • I do have a wonderful time on these substances but I treat them with respect and am not frivolous.

  • I am brave - (reckless?), I am ready to try to explore further into my psyche and the nature of reality and existence.

  • How do I go back to my mediocre job during the week, when I have been god on the Weekends? "Before enlightenment; chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment; chop wood, carry water."
    I know that it is unlikely to succeed but I am looking to form a real-world relationship with others with who I could share my experiences with.
    Resonate is a nice word, it gels nicely with the vibration one feels from 5-meo. Does this resonate with you?
    I live in Israel


thank you for sharing your experiences.  I hope to find as much as you have in my journey here as well.



Sometimes we have to change our mediocre job as part of integration, or be part of systemic change!
For me, that has been a helpful thing to consider when it feels like there is a big separation between the god-like realms of perfection and daily life.

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