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Dose of the oxalate salt, and hello

Started by Bigmouth, June 30, 2023, 01:39:13 AM

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I haven't found any reliable information on how the dose of the oxalate salt of 5-meo would differ from the freebase. Since it is a salt it is not compromised solely of 5-meo and therefore the dose should be a bit higher. I have read that it contains 70% 5-meo by weight, but I'd very much like a source or calculation to corroborate that statement. Any help with that would be much appreciated!

I'm curious about 5-meo due to two reasons: extensive meditation practice with much less results than expected (by myself and teachers), and fairly extensive experience with high dose psychedelics with maybe only one full blown mystical experience (10 years ago). Now it sounds like I'm only after the experience, and sure, curiosity is definitely a factor, but not the main one. I'm hoping this can get me unstuck in meditation and also stop my constant fluctuation between existential restless and depression, and very little time in between.