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5Meo vape pen

Started by Frog, February 18, 2024, 01:58:18 PM

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Hello friends!

This post is addressed mainly at guests, with harm reduction as a goal.
Most members on this forum  use a microgram  scale, which is the best choice ,because of the potency of Five.
Before my first ceremony i got a 5Meo cartridge, which i didnt use...until a few days ago, when i decided to try a minidose.
According to the instructions, a 5 seconds pull would give 5mg. So i did a 2 seconds pull aiming at a 2mg experience. SURPRISE!
I was aiming at the moon but was sent to Jupiter .
My perception is that the dose was in the range of 10mg , with only a 2 seconds pull.
The experience was still positive and blissfull, as i immediately surrendered.

Vape pens are not reliable, dose wise.

They are more practical to use,as there is no flame or glass pipe to deal with and can be easily used alone.
Start very small, like half a puff (if that is possible..) or 1 small puff, or get a microgram scale for the powder form.

Idealy it would be better to find a facilitator for your first experiences.

Finally, make sure that you dont have a cardiovascular problem ,like high blood pressure.
1 out of 2 american adults has high blood pressure and 2 out of 3 persons +65yo.  I am 75yo.
As i like data and statistics, before my vape pen experience i putted on a wrist blood pressure monitor.
Needless to say i wasn't able to start the machine, being in the 5meo Space.
Toward the end of the trip i manage to push the start button and got a reading.

My blood pressure is considered  normal ,at rest, with 118/74 and 73 bpm. 
The reading i got at the end of the experience was 211/127 and 119 bpm ,which is high !
I came out ok.
Maybe the surprise contributed at raising my blood pressure. There was no anxiety or fear.

I guest that a healthy heart can tolerate high blood pressure and high bpm for some 20-30 minutes or so.
I have never seen blood pressure data from trip reports.
In clinical research i have seen some data showing little increase in Bp with 5Meo but the reading were taken 30 minutes before the experience and 1-2 hour after, not during the experience.
If there were such data, a person could go to his family doctor and show him (her) the average numbers and ask
''Can my heart sustain this extra effort for 30 minutes or so''
I dont want to scrare anybody , i am simply saying know your blood pressure or/and consult your doctor to be sure.
The Five experience is wonderfull, to say the least !

So this is my advice, as someone new to Five.

Take care.  _/|\_ 


Thanks for the report and the word of caution. That's really interesting about the high blood pressure during the experience. This area is so fertile for research, I bet we'll find out all kinds of stuff we didn't expect.

Do you know the concentration of the cart you used? A 2 second pull producing a breakthrough makes me think it was extremely strong, like a 1:1 or even a 2:1. It's possible to mix your own e-juice, which you can purposely make much more diluted to avoid those unexpected peak experiences.


Thanks for your reply Inquirer.

I dont know the ratio.  The instructions says it contain 150mg .
Yes it was  strong , and a big surprise.

The instruction says ''5 seconds pull for a for a mild experience ??? 
For a full experience (breakthrough) 2 or 3 time 5 seconds pull''
which ,i think, would be impossible,  after a 5 seconds pull !
Thanks for the link !

Here is another link


Nice, I wasn't aware The Conclave was still updating their site! It's good they keep up with the times and give guidance on stuff like vape pens.

If you have one of those premade carts you can buy, I'm guessing it's 150mg in 0.5ml, which would be about a 1:3 ratio. Pretty strong indeed.


Yes, it looks like that.
Your link is very helpfull ! _/|\_

From 5Meo-DMT Canada (FB) :

''Following the influx of 5-MeO vape pens, reports have been coming in of significant risks, challenges and even harm. To best inform the public on how to midigate risk, FIVE wants to hear from you!
Note that we will not be collecting any personal data, so feel free to share anything you like without any fear.
Thank you to each of you for taking the time to share your experiences with us.''