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Five Key Stages of The 5-MeO-DMT Experience:

Started by Rising Spirit, November 14, 2023, 02:29:15 PM

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Rising Spirit

Greetings all, I'd really like to begin a qualitative discussion about what might be considered the five key stages of the 5-MeO-DMT experience.  Obviously, one could feasibly imagine hundreds if not thousands of stages of consciousness, with an interphase with a molecule of this force, majesty and immensity.  But I humbly believe that much of these nearly infinite, possibilities in cognitive awareness can be universally encapsulated into a reasonable, finite number and besides...  I honestly couldn't resist the numeric reference to the 5 medicine.  Everyone would likely reason them to their own preferences and name them accordingly. I humbly feel that these are the 5 primary stages that occur to the 5 pilgrim:

#1. Anointment through Ceremony.  #2. Surrender & Absorption.  #3. Union & Attunement with Source.  #4. Re-crystallization & Rebirth.  #5. Healing & Integration.

Arguably, this is a gross simplification and could certainly be expanded further.  And please, I welcome any and all comments or contributions to this discussion, as ideally it is a conversation.  One with input from other psychonautical travelers within this family.  Feel free to share your ideas.   

While it only seems to have relevance on this side of the looking glass, where one can interpret reality subjectively, there exists a profound degree of what I call, "the remembrance" by all who boldly journey with the 5 sacrament. Perhaps we could view the 5-MeO experience as a perceptual voyage beyond the membrane dividing the inside and the outside, the substantial and the insubstantial, the cause and the personal effect of being both the source and the reflection of what I personally label as, The Divine.  That eternal no-thingness pulsing within all that becomes something.  More so, it is my belief, in the hindsight of my 12 experiences with this medicine, paradox is present both during the culmination and the re-entry phase of the trip. 

Said paradox creates a most unusual and unique experiential pendulum of sorts, as when the individual soul enters the realm of the nondual, boundaryless expanse of undifferentiated, blinding white light energy, all personal thought ceases to exist.   There is an alignment that happens. I  label this as, "the eclipsing" for as a massive force of expanssive energy rushes through us, temporarily shattering our unique cocoons of self mesmerism, all individuation effectively dissipates.  This then, in effect, blocks out our experience of being a separate part, independent of the whole totality of life.  Our mortal vantage point is temporarily obliterated, totally frozen and unreachable...  or is it merely suspended? 

Now regardless of this self-stasis, there is maintained on one level or another, an epicentrical core presence.  I theorize that this absolute Source energy,  weaves a cosmic tapestry, spontaneously fueling the dichotomy of manifested being and the sheerest void of non-being.  And is wholly indivisible, ineffible, unquantifiable and the sum total of the mysterious Omniverse, just doing it's thing. Dissolving into a such a vortexial fulcrum consumes all of our personal reference points and even the palpable identification with our very own sense of self.  Empty, unmoving silence sits quietly, deep within the ringing vibration of each birthing human soul bird, who reaches out fearlessly, uttering voice and taking spiritual flight within the neon effulgence...  the supreme light of all lights.  Much as the proverbial, "moth to the flame".

So, in light of these paradoxical fluctuations in subjectification, each of us recrystallizes right back into finite, three dimensional existence. Yet, are we returned the same as before the intrepid voyage was initiated?  Hardly.  Much reflection and integration are required to find balance and proper buoyancy within consensus reality and the delicate interplay between oneself and others.  I have myself, felt a far stronger bond with all living things.  It's certainly a rebirthing process, which can be both a blessing and sometimes a curse.  How so?  I can only testify as to my own 12 journeys, but within the timeless, directionless vacuum of the peak moments, an almost indescribable bliss is present and an awareness of love as a unitive field.  Coming down from such heights can be most daunting.  Even heartbreaking, in some not so subtle ways. 

Who is it that knows such euphoric ecstasy?  Again, the ultimate paradox presents itself loud and clear.  Without awareness of an ego, self referencing or even self orientation...  who/what/where is it that resides in such resplendent freedom, radiating an absolutely undiluted state of universality? Naturally, out of this formless Omniscience, pours myriad streams of life, sacred geometries and an infinite potential of substantiation, creation and eventual dissolution.

Might we exchange thoughts about this kind blowing and transformative sacred medicine and it's profound impact in our lives?  Many thanks! 
Aho, Namaste and Namaskar.    _/|\_  _/|\_         
There is no self to which I cling, for I am one with everything.