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A Mind Expanding Religion

Started by Ragnar, April 06, 2024, 08:29:23 PM

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I believe that the desire of the psychonaut, to have religious experiences through using substances, results from the lack of a convincing established religion. There is no experiential wisdom to be found in, for example, Christianity, but apparently some to be found in DMT.

As a religious missionary I have found the following sort of person to be a viable target demographic: intelligent, open minded, and, depending on your interpretation, either mentally screwed or mentally enhanced by the use of certain types of drugs.

For, to many, the religious doctrine I am about to introduce is: difficult to understand (ameliorated by intelligence), offensive and bizarre (ameliorated by open mindedness), and "dry". This "dryness" is only superficial, and in fact, to one whose mind has been opened/screwed by certain drugs, the inner divinity can be discerned so as to make it very interesting.

The doctrine in question is Templism. One can read about Templism via the Templist Canon, which can be located as a PDF here:

Brother Goose

Is this a site for 5meodmt or this a site to promote yourself or your associated organizations? Seen several posts here like this recently.  :(
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