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Things to Look For In A Facilitator

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Hi and thank you for this thoughtful post.
What I would like to know is whether or not a sitter/practitioner/shaman/guide, etc. is actually a necessity.
I have yet to experience pure vaporized 5-meo-dmt.
But I have seen people recommend sitters for even salvia divinorum which I thought from experience is totally unnecessary.
But then again, as mentioned above I have no experience with 5-meo-dmt.
Is it much stronger and more profound of an experience than even the strongest salvia experiences?
I actually have a small amount of 5-meo-dmt HCL that I have been wanting to try since I obtained it many weeks ago.
But I have not found a suitable sitter.
I actually think that having a sitter would be great just for purposes of encouragement and support.
I personally would feel more comfortable if I had a sitter with me when I tried this.
But really I have no friends and therefore no one who would sit for me.
And since I have the sacrament with me, I would much rather take it on my own time here rather than waste thousands of dollars and lots of time and energy going to see a 5-meo-dmt facilitator.
So in your opinion, should I try to find a person whom I can trust, who would be non-judgmental, and would be my guide and sitter, even if they themselves have no experience with 5-meo-dmt?
Thank you and I would appreciate your advice and/or suggestions.

I would not recommend doing Toad first time by yourself. I would suggest reading testimonials and doing lots of research on different types of ceremonies and facilitators and save up and do it with an experience practitioner. Like I said in my previous post " This is the most sacred and powerful initiation you will do in your life. Its worth doing your research properly and getting it right the first time."

gurudedicationananda - only you can decide, as our focus here at the forum is one of harm reduction, we will always err on the side of caution. As previously stated, in absence of a sitter, start small and employ a careful, gradual, incrementally increasing dose. Hal from The Temple of Awakened Divinity has provided a very thorough dosing protocol here,50588.0.html


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