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Hi HumbleVoyager

Yes, I would be interested in working with synthetic only. I know that there are people who collect toad venom responsibly and there are also people who keep their own toads in optimum conditions. However the system is potentially open to abuse and I see no objection to using laboratory manufactured product which has been appropriately tested for purity.

Hi notwo,

I did some research and found some promising links...and sure I sent you a personal message but cant seem to see it now (let me know if nothing cane through and I'll dig it up again because it would be good to post to the forum as most of it was in Spanish).



Hi Flux

Thanks so much for checking this out for me - much appreciated. No, I didn't get your message; I'll send you a quick PM now to check the technology :-)

I've read through the "Codigo Penal" but it's all pretty vague stuff. Also some of it hides a multitude of sins - it's legal to smoke marihuana but if you were to pass the joint to your husband/wife/friend then a minimum 5 year sentence applies!


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