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Acasta Gneiss:
Heres an essay I wrote as a sort of introduction to using 5meo intentionally as an entheogen, its on my wordpress:

Awesome essay!
Thank you for sharing this with us here. Surely there will be a lot to discuss going forward. Are there highlights from that article that you'd like to paste in the thread here?

Hi Nyarlathotep,

Welcome and thank you for sharing such a considered and well written article. If you don't mind I would like to archive in a post called 'articles' under the media section soon - gracias 

I really appreciate this article, Nyarlathotep.

So many gems woven in, & well articulated.

A keeper for sure! Kudos & welcome. ~*~

Acasta Gneiss:
I'm really glad y'all enjoy it, thank you for the kind words! I'll grab soem stuff and paste it in here, will edit and update this post. Thanks again!


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