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Panic Attacks after 5meo DMT experience

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Hi! after my last toad session, I've experienced some kind of panic attacks, this is new to me, in the past I'd never experience one. I meditate daily, I make breathing exercises, I try to be positive and focus on artistic activities or reading, but nothing seems to truly relief this feeling. Most of all while dreaming, nightmares wake me up at the middle of the night. Can you tell me what can I do? thanks in advance.

My experience of these substances is that they seem to magnify anything emotional or psychological I consider a shadow (something I'm not aware of or denying or not admitting).  They also seem to magnify more comfortable qualities too.

IME the higher the consciousness the more sensitive I am in all aspects of my life.  An example is I used to be very physically active and today need less rigorous exercise to benefit.  I also need less food especially if it's high quality.  Same with social gatherings.  I like calm environments today away from the frenetic nature of "normal" life.  High energy environments are like holding onto an electric wire.  IMO we are very sensitive creatures but are not taught such.  We are trained to "get over it" and "move on" no matter what.  IMO that is bullshit. 

When I addressed my anxiety and thoughts like yours I was still doing a lot of intense release work in a men's group where a safe container is created and participants are safely able to physically, and verbally and emotionally express that "energy" in whatever way felt right.  What I found was that when I expressed it the feelings and thoughts moved on.  The reason for them seemed less important.  I've heard some say, "why is the booby prize".

I don't know your answer but keep asking and perhaps you will hear something that will resonate with you.  I've always found a community of loving, supportive others to be helpful.  IME the delusion is that I am an island.  The truth is I am "that" as are you.

I'm certainly much more sensitive to everything; feelings, sensations, people vibes, thoughts. Maybe canalizing the anxiety into physicall movement will help. Thanks  <3 _/|\_

In these situations people have said that doing physical activity helps them come back and ground into their bodies.

Research will be coming out soon regarding reactivations, panic attacks, etc.

For now, it seems the best way to deal with this phenomenon is to treat it like a passing wave. Seeing if you can just let it move through you if you are in a safe place.

Fainjuken can you update us on how your process has been and where you're at now? I been experiencing things like you described and been struggling a bit with it.


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