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Whiteout Experiences From 5-MeO-DMT: Testimonials, Please.

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Rising Spirit:
During a significant number of my experiences with psychedelics I have, at the very highest peak moments, had experiences of blinding white light.  These are always perceived through "the third eye", the Ajna chakra.  Actually, it is technically a clear and luminous light, a radiating white effulgence but one refracting an endless array of shimmering rainbow colors, each hue most vibrant and magnificent. 

I have eagerly fused my consciousness with said inviting brilliance and steered my intent merging my shifting awareness with it's infinite, loving presence.  The mind then stops for a divine pause...  and oneself is totally shattered by the immensity of the expansion into absolute being. 

Sacred Medicines like:  LSD-25, peyote/mescaline, psilocybin mushrooms and NN-DMT, do surely facilitate this kind if blissful whiteout experience.  Can those who've been blessed by the Toad Medicine, organically or synthetically produced, shed any personal/transpersonal experience reports here? 

Granted, visions and auditory sensations emanating from the pineal gland are essentially 6th chakra phenomena.  It would be awesome to hear about some of the sounds and visions (or moments of sweetest, quitest emptiness) encountered with 5-MeO-DMT, which James Oroc, author of Tryptamine Palace, suggests operates within the full bloom of the 7th chakra, the Sahasrara.  Thanx in advance, folks.   _/|\_ _/|\_ 

That's interesting because I would not have described any of my experiences with 5 as having a brilliant/blinding white light although, agreed the overriding color of the experience is white. In fact I've found even by taking a very small dose of 5, everything immediately puts itself into black and white devoid of almost any other color. Is this just something physiological?

Rising Spirit:

--- Quote from: MagicMexico ---That's interesting because I would not have described any of my experiences with 5 as having a brilliant/blinding white light although, agreed the overriding color of the experience is white. In fact I've found even by taking a very small dose of 5, everything immediately puts itself into black and white devoid of almost any other color. Is this just something physiological?

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Thanx for your reply as to your experiences, which do corroborate with those of a good friend of mine, who describes his only 5-MeO trip as going into "the white room".  He says that he found his conscious-awareness floating blissfully in an expanse undifferentiated whiteness.  He did not particularly state that it was any kind of light, per se.  He did indicate that the boundaries that separated himself from the whiteness had been whollly erased and so, he completely became the whiteness (without any iota of form of substance).

As I have perceived of it, one is initially looking up at a blinding white light pulsating within an inky darkness, as seen through the lens of the third eye.  I first noticed this phenomenon while peaking on a rather large dosage of LSD-25 (way back in 1978).  I looked at this effulgence from inside of my head, radiating from behind my forehead.  I later learned that this region is where the pineal gland projects it's vortexial fulcrum as the point of the Kutashtha, "the all seeing eye".  The third eye center or as it's called in Sanskrit, the Ajna, is the 6th chakra and is both a inner lens for visionary states and also acts as a portal of sorts. 

When my attention is wholly fixed at the third eye center, I have been able to move through it's vortex, higher up into the crown region within the upper brain, where the Sahasrara unfolds as the 7th chakra center.  Once therein, everything whites out, so to speak.  As one's subjectivity melts into the Void...  all differentiation dissolves into an undifferentiated field, one wherein the light is sooooooo singular that one has a total whiteout experience.  I agree with James Oroc, the 5-MeO-DMT molecule takes one's consciousness into the heights of the 7th chakra, the "thousand petalled lotus".  Soon I will be able to explore this realm myself, God willing.   _/|\_ _/|\_


Rising Spirit:

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Thanks so much, free-range, for reviving this old thread.  It's personally fascinating to me to read about my prior understanding of whiteout experiences, insofar as never having been blessed by 5-MeO-DMT before.  Having had ten mind-blowing immersions with the sacrement, occurring over 2.5 years time, all I can say is that words are not enough to truly convey the quintessential moment that everything one has been conditioned to perceive, shifts so rapidly and very, very exponentially into a bright white light paradigm of sheer oblivion. 

Thus, wholly undifferentiated force quickly consumes all conceptual boundaries and fixed modalities of personality...  so much so, that all distinctions between this or that, the inside of the outside, oneself or another...  all dissolves into a blindingly white vortex of pure omni-dimensional consciousness (conscious of exactly what, though?) wherein there exists no individualized context, nor any shred of perceivable manifest dualism at play, at such a pivotal point in the divine eclipsing with the 5 medicine

Is it then an absolute existential vacuum suctioning for an eternity in the making?  Again, it cannot feasibly be said in human linguistics.  And while it cannot truly be said, ironically, it can be known directly but at an immense cost, I would think?  Death-Bardos-Rebirthing.   Now from this side of the proverbial looking glass, I do humbly feel that what this indivisible force is conscious of is simply being existence itself but without form or any iota of substance.  It flies way beyond reason or finite quantification, naturally, for subjectifying a state of non-dual energy is pretty meaningless.  It may even be misleading, in an unintentional way?  That being said, like a month to the flame, spiritual curiosity draws our rapt attention deeper down the rabbit hole, so to speak. 

The desire to return to the crystalline hub of infinite presence, now outweighs all other relative mortal interests.  This seems to sit in the background of ordinary life, eager to rekindle when the timing is perfectly aligned.  Likewise, one's capacity at fully surrendering one's own dreamscapes for a seamless union with the source of every plane or dimension, the bright void...  incrementally becomes quite clearly focussed.  Yet I cannot honestly say with any conviction, that during the peak moment within all ten epic ceremonies, that I had any perception nor even any definition of myself as being a subjective witness.  Not exactly like being a blank canvas, it's really more of an inherent sense of vibrating in unison with an intricate, all pervasive lattice-work or perhaps interconnected light strings, all spiralling as the unseen embodiment of the torus dynamic, add infinitum. 

Getting lost in the void and finding new life without thinking or even needing to know anything.  Just vanishing within the dawning understanding of always having been this unbroken webbing of fractal interrelationships, for they are apparently indistinct from the whole of the unified field and omni-matrix but are also an eternal rippling of quantum pulsations, all synchronized in an epicentrical fulcrum of an unlimited, sacred mystery.  As a human word, ineffibility only vaguely hints at this stage of supra-heightened awareness.  Samadhi and Satori are traditionally used in Asia but in the peaking moment, the pure translucency surely evades any and all attempts at naming the unnamed source. 

Of course, when the eclipsing moves beyond full zenith and individuated self re-crystallizes as one's primary subject of attention...  there is such a heightened, intense feeling of gratitude.  It is such a valuable, cathartic rebirthing experience!  And more and more, the remembrance enigmatically shimmers effulgently within the periphery, like an enticing jewel, glistening seductively within a mirage and yet, the refracted luminance endlessly draws one to focus clearly upon a metaphorical, twinkling star high up overhead.

Be well all.   _/|\_ _/|\_


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