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I would add that this video, AL-LAD Trip Report -- is just extraordinary. I highly recommend this to all psychonauts and spiritual seekers. Just... wow!
It's not obvious at first that this post is about 5-MeO-DMT but by the end it's clear that Leo Gura is talking about Realization that he experienced via the toad medicine, about which he has two full videos elsewhere on his website I highly recommend this video to anyone who has, or intends to, experience the 5-MeO-DMT sacrament, or use any other psychedelic or approach because Gura breaks down what one is encountering.

Note that this video -- at two hours -- is long. But it's very worthwhile. I listened to it in MP3 format while I did other things. (You can access the MP3 versions when you join his website for free, which I recommend.) I got through it over two sessions on different days but it would be best to listen in one go if you can, because he's making one large point.

I look forward to his forthcoming Part 2 of this, which will delve into more of a historic background. Taken together I believe these two videos will be an invaluable resource for people who encounter infinity via the toad sacrament. I think of it as the Brahma consciousness described in the ancient Hindu texts. Ironically, we're re-discovering ancient spiritual insights with these sacraments that have been known for thousands of years, and you don't have to call it spiritual or God if you dislike those terms. Ultimate reality will suffice.

Here is the URL (for sharing):
Has anyone else experienced what I'm experiencing? By which I mean that more than a week after using the toad sacrament I regularly experience the smell of the smoke very powerfully, like someone lit a pipe right under my nose!

It's so powerful that I stop what I'm doing and sit and inhale the odour. It reminds me powerfully of the experience, and is so vivid I find myself looking around to see if someone is smoking it nearby, when the circumstance makes it impossible.

The other night I was screening the film Dying to Know about the friendship between Timothy Leary and Ram Dass. Throughout the film I strongly smelled the toad medicine to the extent that I periodically paused the film. My two guests smelled nothing unusual.

Im not sharing this because I find the experience objectionable. I actually like it. But it ranks among the strangest phenomena I've ever encountered with a psychedelic!
Hello everyone. I am a professional writer who lives in Toronto, Canada. My forthcoming book The Year of Drinking Magic: Twelve Ceremonies with the Vine of Souls will be out in a coupe of months (Apocryphile Press). This is an article I just wrote about my profound experience with the toad sacrament. Enjoy.