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I had my first Bufo experience today. It was very intense and I felt an extraordinary amount of pain - my hope is that I was letting go of it. That was my intention, but not sure it happened. 7-8 hours later I'm reflective, but don't feel much if any difference. I've been really depressed, ruminating, and sad and while I feel a little calmer after the upheaval I experienced, I don't feel the shift many others speak of. I don't feel the bliss or joy many others talk about and experienced today either, and I'm ok with that as it wasn't my intent. But wondering what to do now.

I'd welcome your thoughts, ideas, suggestions, advice and musings. I've written about the experience in my journal and now just chilling out. Hoping a shift will occur and being open to whatever comes. But a little skeptical given my feelings and state haven't had much of a shift.

Quick aside, the person facilitating the session assured that I completely took the dose (don't know amount) but this believe it as the experience itself was very intense and at one point I felt I was dying.
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