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Greetings 5-Hive Community,

The following is offered as a suggested dosing protocol for inducing what we refer to as a "Full Release" entheogenic experience and which has been effectively used for years within the Temple and should provide a useful guideline for those working with our sacred Eucharist.

The following applies to either high grade (90-100% pure) extracts or synthetically derived material, preferably, in free-base form. It should also be noted that the T.O.A.D. uses a very specifically crafted alchemical administrative device known as "The Lamp of Invisible Light" which is an argon gas piston vaporizer utilized to administer highly accurate doses of this sacrament in the most efficient manner possible. However, this could easily apply to other, more common methods of administration, that effectively allow for full vaporization of the sacrament to occur. It is also highly recommended that those undertaking such operations, for themselves or others, utilize a properly calibrated gem scale that measures down to a single milligram. Nor is it recommended that administration occur without being in a safe, solid & sacred setting with appropriate supervision of someone who is intimately familiar with both this sacrament and its effects upon the human body and psyche.

We have also noted that, that while Dr. Ralph Metzner's speculates that body weight is a factor in determining effective minimal dosage (EMD) we have not found this to be the case in terms of vaporization. This may not be the case with insufflation. Appropriate effective dosing with 5-MeO-DMT is much more dependent on the individual's physical and mental ability to process the molecule and their willingness to surrender fully into the entheogenic experience it engenders. A solid understanding of the individual's prior history with psychedelic/entactogenic/entheogenic compounds is a key factor in determining precise effective dose. We have also found that it is best to err on the side of providing a slightly lower dose as the ability to provide a second (or even a third) subsequent dose will generally provide the desired result and the effects are definitively cumulative. We will address subsequent dosing below.

Lower Dose Range: For those who have little to no experience with psychoactives it is highly recommended to start in the lower dose ranges. This is generally between 5-7 milligrams. Please note that different materials may have differing weights and this must be carefully taken into consideration. Practice makes perfect. We have successfully administered our sacrament with optimal results to those who have never partaken of anything (alcohol, cannabis, etc.) before and they have done amazingly well.

Medium Dose Range: For those who have moderate experience with psychoactives (perhaps some psilocybin, LSD or MDMA experience) and are generally familiar with and can navigate other psychoactives effectively, a medium dose range may prove more optimal. Somewhere between the 8-12 milligram range has proved sufficient. Once again, taking the individual's level of experience and history with psychoactives as a general guideline.

Higher Dose Range: For those who have a great deal of experience with psychoactives (perhaps a regular ayahuasca practice or have experience with higher dose ranges of LSD or psilocybin) the suggested dose range may be considered to be between 13-20+ milligrams. It must be noted that in higher dose ranges it is generally optimum to start on the lower end of the scale (13-15mg) and work up progressively and prudently. There is no need to rush the process and it will be clear if an individual is capable of taking a subsequent dose.

Subsequent Dosing: It will be readily apparent if a participant needs or can handle a subsequent dose. In most cases this will not be necessary if the protocol has been effectively followed. However, there are those who can effectively process large amounts of tryptamine and we have found that if the participant can indicate that they would like more sacrament (there are several approaches for doing this) that any subsequent dose should be reduced by 1/3. For example: If one was to start with a 12mg dose and was able to request more within a 15-20 minute window, an effective subsequent dose would be 8mg for a total of 20mg. Sometimes a third dose may be required or requested and this can be determined using the above method (i.e. - dialing down by another 1/3 from the second dose) or using one's intuition and working knowledge to make the determination. However, intuition in this regard is something that is developed though much practice.

It is not necessarily recommended that individuals continue to dose once they have achieved the Full Release experience. Extending duration of an experience that is "infinite & eternal" seems counterproductive and can potentially lead to over consumption which may prove less than optimal.

In regards to organic compounds of the sacrament derived from the Bufo Alvarius, it should be noted that only about 15% of this compound contains 5-MeO-DMT with up to 85% of the compound being Bufotenin, in addition to other alkaloids that can cause potential cardiac distress. A common practice of some practitioners we are aware of is to use up to 100mg of the bufotoxin. While effective at this dose range this seems particularly high and due to varying factors it is difficult to make precise dosing estimates possible. We suggest using extreme caution when using these more organically derived compounds. It is also extremely important to have all materials (organic, extracted or synthetic) adequately lab tested and to bioassay such material before offering it to anyone else.

In any event, NO ONE, should ever be administered this sacrament, in any form, who is not mentally and physically prepared to receive it. This should always involve a sufficient physical and mental health screening in advance of participation. And in NO EVENT, should this sacrament be administered to anyone who is taking SSRI or MAOI anti-depressants nor other MAOI related compounds as this can lead to undesirable and potentially dangerous effects.  This cautionary note will be addressed in a subsequent posting.

It is our sincere hope that this information will provide this community with a practical and suitable approach to the process of dosing.

Continued Blessings,


© Temple of Awakening Divinity 2017
Greetings and Blessings to the 5 Hive Community,

My name is Hal Lucius Nation,

I am the Grand Hierophant and Chief Officiant of the Temple of Awakening Divinity (T.O.A.D.).

The Temple of Awakening Divinity (T.O.A.D.) is a syncretic spiritual organization that exists to provide a safe and practical context for the direct spiritual experience of the Divine for its participants through a ceremonial rite of Entheogenic Eucharistic communion.

We have been in existence since December of 2007 and operating regular ceremonies of the Temple for nearly a decade (as of this date) with over 4000 members initiated worldwide into the Entheogenic Gnosis and over 1100 ceremonies held to date.

While the T.O.A.D. could be viewed as a formal church or temple, and its practices deemed religious or spiritual in nature, the T.O.A.D. intentionally has no formalized dogma. In fact it specifically eschews dogmatic constructs as these tend to create division and generally serve to distance individuals from the direct spiritual experience of the Divine (or Source), which we seek to foster and provide. Therefore there are no formal requirements of specific religious/spiritual belief affiliations or practices for those wishing to attend gatherings or "circles" of the T.O.A.D. Each individual seeking participation in the activities of the Temple is left to develop their own unique understanding of their particular spiritual nature and relationship with the Divine and are encouraged to develop their own particular spiritual praxis that suits their needs as they deem fit. Suggestions and assistance in these practices are offered to those seeking to go deeper into the Work.

The guardians of the Temple have been quite wary of participating in other online forums as we have witnessed a great deal of animosity and contention within various members of the wider entheogenic community and we do not wish to participate in such squabbling, which only serves to weaken our mission and purpose of global awakening and merely makes those participating in such behavior look foolish and thus compromises our overarching intentions. We will have nothing to do with such behavior.

Our intention here is to observe and, when appropriate to provide necessary and useful information that we have found resourceful in administering the Entheogenic Gnosis safely and successfully with the greatest outcome for those partaking in our sacred Eucharist.

We are happy to address any legitimate questions or concerns in regards to these practices. It is our sincerest hope that we may provide effective counsel to those seeking information in regard to best practices in these endeavors. We will address any questions received clearly, concisely, discreetly and as promptly as we are able. However, please understand that this is not the central purpose of our organizations mission. We ask that you be patient in terms of responses as it is not necessarily our current intention to participate regularly in this least for the present.

We look forward to our participation and to getting to know this community better in the time ahead.

In Perfect Love & Perfect Trust,