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I am still alive. Yes the change is still there, it's subtle. I'm thinking of doing it again but not as strong, like half as strong. I had to do several acupuncture sessions to rebalance my energy, it was too powerful for the body but I managed to keep my mind under control. I really advise to think before doing something so crazy. I think in retrospect I just discovered something[bluealert] that now I will seriously look into and be careful not to overdo it. It's definitely worth paying attention to the dosage and the space between strokes. If I had done it again even a month later this experience im 30mg, I don't know if I would have lasted.[/bluealert]

I share this experience to say that it is possible to go very far with 5 meo dmt.

I made an intramuscular injection of 30mg of 5meo dmt in 2ml of water with citric acid, I believe that it is an experience made for people who want to go to the de las of what we can propose currently, I believe that people who lose consciousness at high doses do not have the strength to manage psychically or physically the experience. There is a clash between the conscious and the unconscious that takes place, even if I prepared myself mentally to die for a long time, living it was still an ordeal, you have to know that I already lived a near death experience in my childhood and that it is for this reason that I wanted to consume 5 meo dmt to understand what I lived in the past.

It is an experience that I lived alone in nature, in a field in the middle of nowhere, with animals, birds, there was sun and wind, the setting was just incredible, it was an absolute rebirth for me, the conditions were just perfect, I felt that I was really alone and it made me feel incredibly good that no one was there, I really needed this moment of solitude. It's clearly an experience for people who are made for it, who have made their way in life, it's a moment that requires a lot of personal resource, I did it alone by conviction that anyone could have influenced this experience and ruined it by his presence. It is a moment where you have to accept that everything is possible and live with that. The freedom to exist by oneself is priceless for me, for me it is an intimate moment to live alone.

I have been fasting during the day before and I have been eating vegan for a while, I sincerely believe that paying attention to the food plays a very important role to avoid nausea or physical discomfort, when your senses are hyper developed so quickly, it is very uncomfortable to feel the animal torture in your stomach. obviously I do not drink alcohol or smoke tobacco.

To live the imminent death in this way is really an incredible experience, the time was at the same time all and nothing, it is difficult for me to explain with words, I saw myself in a cosmic whole, I saw my place in the universe, that removed an enormous weight from me, the experience really helped me to free myself from a fear, that to die. Before, I was just struggling. That's all I can say about the phenomena I experienced.

I was in a state of shock, like a second birth but awake, brutal, unexpected and calculated, it is as if the destiny had imposed me to live this, I had a realization on the nature of myself. The place that I chose was very important to support me during this moment, I believe that deep inside I was prepared to live this since always, I feel really well, better than well, I realized that I had the power to manage this, I believe that the most important is not finished, after 12 hours I still feel the effects. 

Introductions/Newbies / Hello everyone =)
April 11, 2021, 04:24:42 AM

hello, I discovered your site a few days ago, I want to post my future experience that I will soon live, I know 5 meo dmt for several years and strangely is only now that I will be able to experiment, in fact I take very seriously the psychedelic and their powers now, I took time to understand my interest in them and the importance that it has for myself. so my motivation to go to 5 meo dmt is not a coincidence. it is even the breaking point, the finality in my psychedelic trials.

best regard.