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Science / Re: Best natural sources for 5-MeO-DMT
June 02, 2017, 04:29:26 AM
I've had my eye on Virola theiodora as a possible source for quite a while but didn't know about Anadenanthera falcata seeds which sound very interesting. I'm guessing the extraction techniques would be very similar to DMT extraction, standard STB or A/B?

Do you have any idea what other substances might come across as well? It seems that several plants that contain 5-meo also contain nn-dmt which could change the experience quite a bit. I did once accidently smoalk a mixture (the GVG I used still had a little unused dmt in from a previous smoalker) and the experience was fairly dramatic, 5-meo but with explosions of color!

Wow, beautiful!
My heart felt gratitude to you for starting this forum - there's a real need for it. The DMT Nexus is a fantastic place full of useful information and great conversations but of course 5-meo has only been a small sideline of the Nexus and I have at times felt something of an antipathy between phychonauts experimenting with dmt and those experimenting with 5-meo.

I discovered 5-meo about 18 months ago and have done a fair bit of work with it. I think it maybe not only has the potential to enlighten an individual but possibly the whole planet in due course. For my own purposes I only experiment with these medicines to gain a deeper understanding of non-dualism, truth, our true nature, that which is (given up trying to put words to that no thing  ;D ).

I really look forward to seeing what comes out of this forum and happy to share my own thoughts and experiences.

Now to find my Nexus avatar  ;D