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Introducing myself

Started by deejtrex, October 07, 2018, 05:23:35 PM

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Hi all. I have had two experiences with Toad about a year ago.  The first time it felt like the most healing thing I had ever done, I felt like my body had released everything that it had ever held.  The second time was scarier it felt like I was pushing up against something.  It felt a little like ecstacy and terror at the same time. I'm assuming that what I was feeling was my ego holding on or pushing back. I didn't have a non dual experience either time.  While the experiences felt healing I didn't really feel like they had a lasting effect.  I've been using other entheogens regularly for about the past 3 years.  I didn't really think I would do Toad again or at least not for a while as I figured I'd stick with aya and mushrooms.  I just finished reading Martin Ball's book on non dual liberation and felt like this was a whole new take on the medicine and the methodology for using it.  I was interested in joining this forum to see if there was anyone out there who has worked with a practitioner in the way that Martin Ball describes in his book Entheogenic Liberation.  I have a renewed interest (really I should say enthusiasm) about working with this medicine but I imagine it may be difficult to find this kind of practitioner?  Would love to hear others experiences around this topic or thoughts on this method.  Thanks everyone!


Hi deejtrex and welcome to 5-hive!

I've certainly never worked with a practitioner but I have worked with 5-meo a lot in conjunction with meditation and various practices. It's very easy to be in awe of 5-meo but it's so important to realize it's no free ticket to enlightenment or to healing trauma. It's a tool and an extremely powerful one at that but I think if a lot of people were honest they say that they were shocked by how, following the experience, they were pretty much chucked back into their normal reality and little had immediately changed apart from the awe they felt for something they couldn't clearly remember. I would only say that it needs to be part of something (I hesitate to say "some path") where the work is being done on a daily basis to deal with locked in trauma or to truly understand "what is" and is used to make those leaps where all logic comes to an end and only the freefall into the abyss will take us to the next stage.