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Started by shakyradical, April 22, 2023, 09:33:55 AM

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hey folks,

anyone have experience with microdosing 5?

please share your wisdom, RE; dose size ROA, etc.



so I don't waste any time clearly. 

I micro dosed  .25mg of 5 today ROA is IM,
it's still not sub perceptual like micro is intended to be, but it was close.

more research to come :)

but still if anyone has experience I'd love to hear.



thanks for the share HS!

that was illuminating for sure, this really is strong medicine!

really affirming my thoughts about starting even lower than the initial 10mg I did the first time.
that was quite a ride.


You're welcome! I hope that's helpful, though I know it's not exactly directly answering your question.  <3

Brother Goose

Looking to try sub mg doses IM, sniffed and vaporized soon. Will report back on my and friends bioassays with that. Thanks for sharing your experiences with this. Hard to find information on it especially IM.
Jesus Mihi Omnia