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Loving You!

Started by lsdmthc33, September 27, 2017, 02:52:46 PM

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Well I heard about this through a buddy I met at Ocf who was also at rainbow gathering this year on oregon! And why even say that? I feel as though amongst many other things, 5-meo-dmt, fits in amongst conversation at least very easily, amongst other things, at places like that! if you follow. what do gatherings and festivals and hallucenagens and great powerful music and empathy and coincidences and spirituality all have in common? Who fucking knows, but some thing right? Maybe? and I know this is more focused on 5meo but I've been involved with erowid and shroomery and others for a while now and there's no turning back. you know Ken Kelsey made a significant donation to erowid at one point? Do you know who Ken Kelsey is? mk ultra? the grateful dead? fair? Come to oregon fam and let's chief. I love meeting REAL people. and I've been researching and falling deeper in love with Shulgin and Hoffman. And what does this have to do with anything? cause everything has to do with everything. But does 5meo have more to offer than other dmt? or for that matter is more to gain from one or another in comparison to dmt, lsd, psylicibon, mescaline or any other legit hallucenagen one might take at any given time? and I'm not talking over spiritually or over recreationally like some of us "psychonaughts", but regular people. I think the hallucenagenic experience has soooooo much to offer in general, are we arguing or trying to pedistool? Is 5meo better? I'm not even saying that. is anything better. what are we looking for? I've done pretty much everything I've wanted to do. besides mescaline. But I'm still torn between buttons or something synthestic. never done 5meo. Experienced much dmt. stay away from reseach chems and hard drugs blah blah blah. if your not burning your shit before you do it your slipping. if it's Bitter it's a spitter. But what it boils down to is what are these dirty ass hippies actually doing. they're onto something. and it's been going on for over half a century. And people have been using hallucenagens 3 times longer than Christ at least. at very very least. So where does it start to tie together? with today's technology you can't hide anything. the government is bound to face the recoil for taking our medicine. And we are watching the first step with cannabis. I love you all. tell me something. teach me somwthing. let's find common ground. lets change the world by leading eith example. lets spread love, knowledge and true wealth.

ripple in still water
when there is no peddle tossed
nor wind to blow