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Started by Colonel Kurtz, April 30, 2017, 08:40:09 PM

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Colonel Kurtz

Hello 5 Hive Administators and Moderators,

Well, congratulations on your establishment of this documentation and discussion vehicle for the 5-MeO-DMT sub-culture.

Long may it thrive.

Best regards,


Quote from: Colonel Kurtz on April 30, 2017, 08:40:09 PM
Hello 5 Hive Administators and Moderators,

Well, congratulations on your establishment of this documentation and discussion vehicle for the 5-Meo-DMT sub-culture.

Long may it thrive.

Best regards,

Thank you Colonel! May the people who come here gain support, community, and a place where they are able to discuss the various facets of this molecule.


Long may 5 Hive thrive!

Thank U & Welcome ~*~

Colonel Kurtz

"The Ratbag Song" AKA "A Raving Ratbag" (Barry McKenzie, 1974):

Testing the BBcode (Bulletin Board markup code).

Colonel Kurtz

For visual clarity and disambiguation, it would be worth examining tweaking the bulletin board's configuration, so that globally, all URL links are of a different colour to the plain text, or are underlined, or are both coloured differently and underlined.

As an example, currently, this URL >>> link <<< cannot be differentiated from plain text, unless your hover your mouse over it, the situation would probably be worse for those using smart phones or tablets to access the forum.

Best regards,

Colonel Kurtz

Some further observations:

1. Verification of email addresses

Always a good idea, not so much from a security POV, but rather an administrative POV, for when people have trouble accessing their accounts due to forgotten passwords, and also those rare occasions when you might have to send out a mass mailing, such as domain name change or server host migration, should some disaster strike.

2. Implementing a 'Thanking' module for all posts

To minimise visual clutter in the discussions, it would be a good idea to consider a "Thank you" module for each post, so that people do not have to post separate short posts to express their agreement, concurrence, or gratitude. The facebook model of multiple nuanced iconised responses to posts, could be considered as well, however it is time and attention overkill really; either way, it would help keep the board efficient and tidy.

3. Expansion of IM (Instant Messaging) categories in the profile data fields

At the very least there should be another field for XMPP (Jabber) addresses. Check out the state of the art 'Jitsi'' encrypted text, encrypted voice, encrypted video, communications client and see what Instant Messaging (IM) protocols it supports, and add more IM data fields, accordingly.

Best regards,

PS: BTB - is an excellent XMPP account provider; there are lots of quality ones, out there.

While I am on a roll, generally speaking, all psychonauts, should also consider these two tools for basic privacy enfranchisment and literacy:

  • The 'TutaNota' encrypted email system for desktop and mobile smart phones:
  • Open Whisper Systems 'Signal' encrypted text, voice, and video communications, for your mobile smart phones:
Both are very simple to install, configure, and operate.

Colonel Kurtz


I am not enamoured, at all, to surf the Internet, using a browser on a smart phone, nor on a tablet, I consider the experience akin to peering at shadows on the wall, through fence palings, inside the Platonic cave, to put it mildly.

However, that is the primary operational reality for a great many people who access the Internet.

Serious discoursers on this forum would seek out desktop or laptop computers to participate in discussions on this forum, without impediment, however, some accomodation should be considered for those whose only access will either be a smart phone or a tablet device.

The 'Tapatalk' system is a module that you can integrate into bulletin board software, that in concert with an Tapatalk application, for either the Android or the Apple iOS smart phones, allows phone users to more effectively navigate forums.

AFAIK, should the board adminstrators subscribe to the Tapatalk service, then there are custom smart phone applications available, for the board participants, that do not have any advertisements.

Android: Here

Apple iOS: Here


Thnx for the feedback Colonel. Your time is much appreciated.

I will ensure the team see & discuss all that you have suggested.

Colonel Kurtz

Polishing and tweaking the Starship for it's future missions.  8)


Thnx to The Doctor & artist Tatiana Plakhova for our Starship upgrade ;) ..