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Xzen ~*~

Started by Maya, April 26, 2017, 05:12:03 AM

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One of the global moderators, I'm here in service to the essential rise of consciousness that we are all part of.

I feel that by responding to the esoteric from a grounded place, we are participating in the process of anchoring mass enlightenment; which is simply to 'light up', both individually & collectively.

The pleasure of life is written in the signature of creation, & we are refining our neural networks & ways of networking with eachother, so that this @easement may reveal itself more truly.

This is why I am a long term advocate for entheogenic integration, & have devoted my life to the unseen path.

May we rise to meet our destiny. May harmony prevail.

Viva Pachamama,
Viva Nature's Sacraments,
Viva to All Creation & Existence.



Thank you for being here with us Xzen :)

Rajesh Ramachandran


QuoteThank you for being here with us Xzen

- HumbleVoyager

It's my honor to be sharing this journey with you, HumbleVoyager.

Thank you for your devotion to this work, & for your exceptional way.

Viva 5 Hive!