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Hey Everyone... I'm a relative newbie (posted a little background in the introduction section). Keen to share and learn from others experiences and get your feedback on my own. I'm now 5 trips in, I wanted to do a brief summary of all of them to bring you up to speed and get some feedback as I'm feeling to continue to explore and am looking for others with more experience than me to bounce ideas/experiences off. Here's a quick run down, my questions are at the end.

Trip 1
June 2019 - Shaman took me 1:1 into an experience. Eye mask on
Vaporiser - 7mg Bufo followed by 45mg
Duration from beginning to waking state - 50 minutes
It came up in a discussion with my new friend that she was a shaman and had clients who she guided through a 5MeO DMT trip. I I didn't even know what it was, but remember hearing DMT and knew in an instant that I wanted to experience it, so we set it up for later that night. That night around 10:30pm (we'd been out previously) she explained a little more about it, explained how we'd administer it and that it was ok to be a little nervous (and I was), but it was safe, all I needed to do was relax and she's be there to watch over me.  She suggested a smaller dose (7mg), to see how I responded. It was fine. Didn't honestly feel that much, was sitting upright in about 15min. Then she set up the next does 45mg and mother fuck. Nothing can prepare you. I remember dropping in seeing early fractals as I did, thinking, this will change everything, they can't keep this from people. And boom. I had huge sense of going home, i remember saying I knew, I knew it, I knew it... It was like a sense of reconnecting to where I'm from (like having a feeling of not being from here and then being shown that to be true)... I remember saying thank you, thank you, thank you. and from there it went more knowing that part of me had to die, crying with joy, rolling around on the bed, letting it die... that was for some time and then as I was coming out of it having insights on what I needed to do (ie: actions I should take). Overall it lasted for about 50 minutes from peak to end. Next morning I could hardly believe what I experienced. Wow.

Trip 2
August 2019 - Different continent. 3 guys including me (we were newish friends), took turns sitting for each other. Eye mask
Vaporiser - 50mg Bufo
Duration from beginning to waking state - 30 minutes
Note: We set an intention prior to dropping in... Mine = I can't remember exactly, but I think it was around "Just letting go and experiencing"
Dropped through and boom, straight to God (I also use consciousness). An experience of the unbelievable power that we are with an awareness of how the mind as a tool (a conditioned tool) shapes our 3D reality like a 3D printer, printing on the fabric of consciousness. My body was moving from laying on my back on a mattress, to chest arched in the air and such incredible, indescribable power exploding from my chest and then contracting back to laying on the mattress and then moments later the same (I watched a video of me a day later... I was loud). A sense of being consciousness exploding out and the contracting back. And then at some point an insight that we (humans), are the latest technology of consciousnesses in an outward expression, in this form, on this planet, at this time, but we're stuck at the end of the expansion, in the mind (in the mental noise and it's keeping us separated from who we are), whereas the journey is to be able to experience consciousness all the way back to the centre (to describe the centre, is like experiencing the intensity of the power of the big bang at the point of explosion but from a human perspective - indescribable). My other awareness was that God (consciousness) doesn't know what it's part of and its through us it's learning (perhaps that's why we don't know what we're part of) and that God has a God, who has a God, who has a God, etc... I had a sense that through 5MeO we might see what consciousness is part of or at least the next step. For me this trip guided me to go all in on doing work on understanding exploring consciousness and helping humanity to awaken. It's only now reflecting back 6 months on from these two trips that I see how much they've influenced changes in my life, with so many more to come. So exciting. 

Trip 3
September 2019 - 4 guys including me (same 3 as last time + 1), took turns sitting for each other. Eye mask
Vaporiser - 50mg Bufo
Duration from beginning to waking state - 30 minutes
Note: We set an intention prior to dropping in... Mine = "To see what I don't even know to ask for". I was hoping to see beyond ie: what God is part of 
I was first up... This time as I was dropping in I had an awareness of the mind (thinking). I would drop in and then the mind would be there. I felt kind of beat up. Humbled to an extent. Shown some of my shadow and the work that still needs to be done. I had a sense of being God, but then the mind and flipping between the two... It wasn't pleasant. I also had a sense that I'd had way too much, that my dose was way to high (unsure about that, it was my awareness though). On reflecting I got what I intended, I got to see what I didn't even know to ask for" and as a result I feel I have become more compassionate of others. One other thing to note is that I had a fitness competition I'd been training 5 months for the following weekend, so at least a part of me thought I shouldn't be doing this at this time :( but I did. Regardless I feel I got good growth from the experience.

Trip 4&5 I'll put into another post over the next couple of days... I'm excited to share 4&5 as some questions have come as a result of them and I'd really love to gain some insights from others before heading into my 6th trip. After trip 4&5 I've also started experiencing reactivations (which i'll post on that thread... the latest of which was yesterday (3.5 weeks after my last trip)... including at least 2 whilst in a sleep state, I must have experienced at least 8 x 10-15 second reactivations yesterday - which feel great, they are all the same, I'll describe in detail in the appropriate thread), I'm keen to get some insight around those too.

Thanks so much if you have taken the time to read my share above. I'm grateful to get it out and down. I would really love any thoughts, comments, insights, ideas on what I've shared so far.

Introductions/Newbies / Thank you
January 25, 2020, 05:20:09 AM
Thanks so much for this initiative, I'm very grateful to be here, to learn from and share with you all. I'm a regular guy in his 40's, live a western lifestyle, like to keep fit, I eat well, run my own company, have family, live well and meditate daily. However, growing up I tended to suffer, not from such a bad life, but I was suffering. It wasn't until later that I became aware of my hyper sensitivity. I was a highly sensitive person and hadn't been taught how to manage it effectively. With that realisation, I became aware that a lot of my suffering wasn't even mine, I felt it and had internalised it into my own stories, but a lot of the crap I'd been working to overcome, wasn't even mine. I was on the self development path, which saw me read lots of books, do lots of workshops, courses, etc and also experiment with a number of recreational drugs (alcohol, LCD, marijuana, speed, ecstasy) and some prescription, which either numbed the sensitivity or changed my whole perception on reality. Collectively this all showed me that I wasn't the noise in my head, nor the emotions that I was feeling... In time I found what I needed from meditation (so rarely indulge now in party stuff), through my collective practices and intention, I feel like I realised some level of inner peace. So now what?! Carry water, chop wood. I'm super excited to continue to explore consciousness and contribute what I can to the collective evolution of consciousness. I love where I can get to when I meditate, but I've found my edges with that.  I've only known about 5MeO DMT for around 6 months and have since had 5 trips on Bufo Alvarius and wow, those edges get moved to God and beyond. I'm allowing life to unfold and I anticipate that will involve experiencing more trips... I can't help but feel that 5MeO will change paradigms in ways totally unimaginable from where we can see into now. Will share more in the respective threads on my experiences to date and ask questions that I have. Thanks again for bringing this community of explorers together. I'm so grateful to be here. Love