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Thanks HumbleVoyager. I read that guide.

Seems that some folks feel 5 is pretty dangerous (compared to ayahuasca), and others don't. One of my friends even thinks that there is a government propaganda campaign to make it seem dangerous a la prior campaigns against LSD and weed. I personally don't think that is the case, but maybe.

When i first made ayahuasca, i did so because a quick Google search told me it was the most powerful psychedelic. Following the dose i read on an erowid trip report, i took about 20x more than a strong dose of mimosa. Luckily i was able to purge most of that out.

I am really glad i chose ayahuasca to overdose on rather than 5. But had the me of 6yrs ago found that 5 was the most powerful psychedelic, i may have OD'd on it and (physically) died.

I am glad this forum exists and i hope that safety with 5 is always emphasized before mentioning benefits, just in case some fool like me comes along, reads a little, skips the rest, and is never heard from again.
Thanks Flux. The last link is broken. I took a peek at the other areas linked, found a bit of info.
Media/Resources / Re: 5-MeO-DMT User's Guide
November 22, 2017, 10:19:20 AM
Link is broken
If seven or more apply? I would say if one or more apply, be wary.
I myself have no diagnosed health issues, yet I felt even with medium doses that my heart was under extreme strain. Nothing at all like N,N,DMT. So, I feel it would be unsafe, just based on that body sensation, to use a higher dose. I've heard other people say "It's hard on the heart, but as long as you don't have heart issues you will be ok." But somehow, that's not very convincing to me. How could you ever know if you have some issue that hasn't surfaced which could be triggered by 5?

I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree on this one, as I don't see any way of bridging the gap, but perhaps I'm wrong.

Obviously, everyone must weigh the perceived risks and benefits for themselves, with any activity.

Probably if I felt there was a potentially awesome benefit that couldn't be easily obtained otherwise, I'd be all for spreading the good news of 5. It certainly seems more powerful than anything else, tho I don't really think that "More POWER" equals "More insight" nor "more liberation", even tho it may certainly produce more ego-death unity type experiences. But that's a whole other discussion which I'm not very good at.
Thanks for that info... it's a bit overwhelming tho to have to look at 2 books in order to simply determine if there is a safe way of using this substance. I doubt many people would bother with that. And from what I read here:  Bancopuma said that Oroc recommends using high doses at first, which sounds quite unsafe to me.

So, if you think that the very slow incremental dose increase suggested by Bancopuma is the safest way to go (it sounds like it to me), do we have any evidence that this is, indeed, safe? I mean, assuming that people would even do it correctly (quite hard to measure less than a milligram reliably, even... tho the toad venom would be easier in that sense due to less potency per mg).

I can imagine, for instance, that if you are the type of person to have a negative reaction to the substance, you will have it at a certain dose. Let's say at 10mg. At 9mg you might feel something a bit off, but you might say, well, it didn't harm me too much. Then you may try 9mg again and maybe not feel so bad from it, so you might say, ok, let me try 10mg now. And that might be the proverbial straw that breaks the camel's back... ?

Forgive me for my speculation as someone who has only used 5 a few times myself.
Thanks HumbleVoyager. I figured out that I was able to read that article once I had posted. I guess it is an automatic access thing.

Then I read some other experience reports (from a friend and also these: and an interview with Octavio Rettig From all that I gleaned that there does seem to be a reason to prefer toad venom over synthetic 5-meo-dmt, at least according to a number of folks (not very scientific sorry).

More importantly, I've decided to stop thinking about 5-meo-dmt and toad venom completely after reading Rettig's warning about how dangerous it is, even with an M.D. administering it. Rettig is one of the foremost proponents of this stuff and so his warning against dabbling in it seems all the more worth listening to.
Introductions/Newbies / Seeking toad endangerment info
November 18, 2017, 10:05:53 AM
Hi friends,

I was told by a friend to look here for info on the endangerment of the sonoran desert toad, but i did not have sufficient access to view that article...

Seems it should be made visible to the public if it is important enough. Thoughts?