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okay. I except your mission. I will do it for sure several times more and O don't see any reason why it should show with diferent result. People wI have to admit that I use chinese herb medicina to balance my system while on this mixture.
Well, I used mdma like that several times now. In me it has caused no problem and facilitated very smooth and easy trip that offered a lot go into deep meditation.
Hi I wanted to ask if someone else has experience using MAOI  and after 30~40 minutes plugging 5meoDMT

I use Siria rue extract orally  and after 30-40 minutes I plugg between 5 and 10 mg 5meo-HCL.

I also used MDMA as MAOI.

The effect stays for a long time and there's no negative side effects.yes one should be very careful with the dosage,

because if you take too much you are some time "gone".

I did it several times.
Never use 5 orally after maoi.
This brings sever problems.

Has anyone experienced 5-meo rectal after maoi or after mdma?
 hi I just wanted to share my experience with using 5 vía rectal after using MDMA as an IMAO orally.

I took several times about 100mg mdma orally and after 30-40 minutes 5-10 mg 5meo viabtectal.

The effect is very nice, calm and introverted.

I can use guided meditations to heal chakras and so on.

Has anyone experienced that mixture?