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Ethics and Ecology / "Practitioners Code of Conduct"
November 24, 2017, 05:03:31 AM
In light of some solid conversation currently occurring online on various toad threads in relation to perceived lack of duty of care by Practitioners, I came up with the following idea/proposal. To help address some issues around safe operations of practitioners I had a thought that we, the 5, Toad community could draft some agreements, a code of conduct, that we ask practitioners to agree with before a session. They want us to sign forms so let's ask them to sign an agreement, or they could just register on a page or site somewhere. Or if the Practitioner did not want to be publicly recognised you could just ask: Do you agree with the "Practitioners Code of Conduct" that could be publicised at different Toad sites. If they don't then people have a reason to question this persons practice. Feel free to add to the list and comment.
1 That they will not do anything without our consent.
2 That they will be attentive to our needs till we feel done.
3 That they only intervene when really nessecary or with prior agreement.
4 That someone is present that is qualified in first aid and CPR.
5 That they don't pour water in your mouth or use any electrical devices without your consent.
6 That adequate integration is offered or a least contacts if there is any follow up integration issues.
7 That ceremony is conducted in a private safe setting. Etc.
While the experience is still fresh Id like to share a Toad experience that happened in a dream last night. There was an old dark skinned lady giving healings to people. She nodded to me to come over. As soon as she held my hands it was like 15 seconds after toking Toad. I felt the light filling my body, sacred geometry engulfed me as that familiar let go feeling overtook me. The experience was such a real Toad feeling. I dropped right into it. I was bathed in love and light. I disappeared. Eventually like Toad I returned. I lay on my bed rejoicing in the profound deep Toad space I had just entered and came out of. Just like I had smoked the toad sacrament.

Its been around 5 months since I smoked Toad and this was quite different to the reactivations that often happen in the days proceeding the session. It felt somehow more gentle yet still very much toad. Similar experiences have happened before, coming out of a dream. 6 months after Terrance Mc Kenna died he came to me in a dream and gave me a smoke of DMT that was just as "real" as my previous strongest DMT journey. So..... yes our subconscious can create that unified state from within without smoking Toad. Am I releasing 5 Meo DMT while dreaming or is the brain pathways already open that can open when my relaxed being wants to?
Hi, Just like to say I'm really happy this site has been developed. I am the founder and admin for Toad and 5 Meo DMT Testimonials FB site where we often struggled with the FB format. Some good info sometimes got buried in the mass of posts, so Im glad those with the skills and energy have got this together. I want to support this new 5 Hive site and encourage the 3400 members from the other site to join and contribute and transfer their relevant material to this site. It has a lot of valuable info there in non transferable thread forms and in the files section that can help people decide if toad is for them and also how to integrate and work with the experience. Some of this info I'm sure will migrate across. I can't  transfer all this info or Testimonials as it has to be done on a individual level for privacy and copyright issues. I see the merits of the secure and easy access able format and I don't see the FB site being in competition with this site as it could be an easy step for people to find this site. There are many toad sites on the net now that form a function. I suggest a moderator contacts these various groups and you share your link and vision.

A little bit of personal info> I am a Filmmaker and a Skipper. I made probably the first doco on Ayahuasca in the 90s called "Shamans of the Amazon" and am in production of another doco called "The Toad the Whale and the Sun" I co-own a 45 ft yacht called Migaloo 2 that I use as a platform to raise awareness on marine conservation issues. I usually spend around 3 months every year sailing and hanging out with the humpback whales that migrate up the East coast of OZ. Last year I spent 6 weeks in Mexico working with Toad medicine and exploring ways to help preserve the Toad. If interested, people can see my last doco, read the synopsis of my new one and read my 20 testimonials from mexico at

I look forward to some robust discussions and sharing here, especially around processes to preserve the Toad and ways its sacrament can be used to progress evolution on this beautiful planet. Ribbit.

Migaloo, the white humpback whale, means white fella in the local original language
King Toad.. April 2015
Recently I smoked two pipes of 5-MEO DMT, or Toad Medicine as its called. Words cannot come close to describing this experience yet I feeI I should write something down anyway. I was first introduced to DMT when mixed with the vine Ayahuasca during a ceremony in the Ecuadorian Amazon in 1992 and have drunk this sacred brew many times over the last 23 years. I smoked DMT from the Acacia tree in Australia around 16 years ago and as well as being a real paradigm shifter and mind blowing experience it also scared the shit out of me. So when someone long ago explained DMT as a walk in the park compared to 5-MEO DMT I was quite deservedly apprehensive.

The sun beamed down strongly in the early morning. There was no roadmap where we were going, nothing to prepare me, no warning of what to expect. I set my intention to release any blockages that may be preventing me from communicating clearly with the animal, plant and spirit world. I was told to stand tall and strong and allow the energy to flow into your crown through your body and into the Earth. I knew I had to completely surrender to where the medicine would take me.

I was first in line to crack the portals open. I was instructed to stand straight, positioned my legs well apart, hold my arms up high, face and gaze into the sun and breath deeply. I was handed a glass pipe containing some clear dried toad excretion. A hot flame turned the substance into a crackling smoke that I was instructed to slowly inhale and hold. As I exhaled this mystical smoke everything began pixilating and a haze descended and engulfed me. An ancient non-worldly feeling over took my senses. The sense of I, my conscious mind, and my associated senses left me.

I was gently laid down on the earth while my guide chanted, shook his rattle, activated ancient memories and work on releasing energy blocks within my body. I had known that my guide liked to encourage people to stand up with eyes open when possible to stay present with the medicine. So when my guide felt it was time he tipped some water over my face called to me to breath and lifted me to my feet. I, who ever I was, was sooooooo far away when I was called to be present that I cannot describe where I was. I just knew I was being called to be totally present and hold this energy that was now pumping through me like a multi-colored two-meter wide lightning bolt shooting from the heavens though my crown and hands into the earth. I felt I had to hold this energy and not collapse as much of my programming wanted me to let go of my physical body. I was now being asked to bridge the worlds. I felt I was holding this energy and allow it to flow into the collective consciousness of humanity, to play a role in humanities evolution. As a write this it sounds egotistical or fanciful yet there was no ego in that space, there was no room for ego. No room for anything except what was happening. There was nothing but deep surrender to be fully present with the indescribably intense energy flowing through me. All the time my guide was working with me, chanting, tapping my body, releasing blockages, sometimes helping me stay upright in all this perfect chaos. I remember screaming and spitting growling and purging. Just as this energy seemed to be easing and I thought I could now relax a bit, my guide saw something in me and rubbed his hands and said another pipe. I was in complete surrender by this stage.

This time I didn’t collapse and I kept my eyes open, even though I don’t remember seeing anything that was cognizable. I felt my guides strong energy holding me physically and spiritually. My legs wanted to buckle and I could hear my guide saying breath, breath and he continued chanting hard. I dissolved into the chant, time disappeared and I could feel the chants vibrating and echoing through my DNA. Past life memories came flooding back of doing the toad medicine on sacred stone temples pre Hispanic near the region of the toad in Central America with my guide and his female assistant. I’ve done this before, exploded into my reality. Yet this was bigger than the three of us now as it was then. These feelings actually went beyond memories; it was more like a returning to something ancient and terribly familiar. A ritual performed at key times in humanities evolution, an activation. I felt we were holding a portal open for cosmic energy or coded information in the form of invisible light, to flow through us now as in the past.

On reflection this energy looked like one of those glass balls that you touch the outside with your finger and it arcs to the center glowing ball. Well we were on the glowing ball that was the earth and the lightning bolts were coming from the universe and King Toad created the polarity that allowed the electricity to flow. I was being asked or told to be the conduit.

Moments of awareness would return intermittently as I traversed this shamanic reality to see recognizable things like the grass I stood on which had become triangular mandalas with a silver sheen. The powerful and loud ancient chants pieced through the dimensions and felt very familiar. It felt that these magic compounds have been distributed in nature to aid humanity to stay connected to the life force that streams through the universe. Throughout the ages some people and shamans are guided how to use these substances that have been carefully hidden in toad glands, mushrooms, flowers, bark of trees and leaves of plants to be used at times when some of humanity has lost its way and threatens the earths delicate balance of life. These powerful ceremonies activate our DNA to allow our true human and galactic potential to shine which in turn can create massive paradigm shifts, new outcomes and relationships between species and can allow humans to strive for harmony and balance on earth.

The veils started to lift, the haze dissipated and awareness of my physical body slowly returned. Unsure if my eyes had been open or shut I could now recognize images, people and my surroundings. I felt like Id just run a marathon or done 15 rounds in the ring with Mohammed Ali and won. I looked in my guides eyes checking that yes we have landed and I was still alive in the physical. I felt nothing would ever be the same after this. my guide nodded as if he knew where Id been and what Id felt. I gazed around and saw future initiates smiling in my direction. my guide called everyone in for a group hug. I was flabbergasted. Unable to talk even if I wanted to, I staggered to the nearby rainforest where I collapsed into the leaf mulch in complete exhaustion and awe. As I lay motionless on the rainforest floor connecting to the energy of the trees and the myriad of life forms around me it felt like my old mind, thought patterns and body had been obliterated into billions of atoms, I could feel my being slowly reconfiguring the atoms in a new way to create a new me or at least a new way of relating, seeing and feeling. My mind unable to grasp the extent of this transformational experience I simply breathed and floated on the depth of the journey.

Every night for over a week after this ceremony, at around 2 to 3 am while in deep sleep, King Toad reality would return for a timeless moment. For me these moments were gold yet I have heard from other toaders that it hasn’t all been fun. I jumped on the net researching all I could about this medicine and found, unlike Ayahuasca, Toad Medicine is largely unused and little understood. Traditional use of the Toad Medicine was squashed when the Spanish invaded these areas 500 years ago. my guide worked with the local elders who still sang the chants around the toad’s area to bring the ceremonies back to life.
Over the preceding week I discovered that certain activities and even your will could trigger the return of the Toad reality and when it happened during sleep I learnt to ride it like surfing a wave. One moonlight night on the beach and with the aid of another sacred herb I fully toaded standing in front of a bandannas palm. Bandannas are said to have DMT in their seed so maybe that also was a trigger. I totally surrendered to the journey again. In a no mind state I started tapping my body as my guide did and could feel a less intense white light energy pulsing through my body. A voice said, start chanting, my mind stepped in and said I don’t know any chants, and then I let go further. A chant appeared from the depths that sounded and felt similar to the energy of the chants my guide chanted. I allowed these chants to emerge as I released deeper into Toad world.

My intention at the beginning of the Toad Ceremony was to release any blockages that may be preventing me from communicating clearly with the animal, plant and spirit world. Standing in front of the bandanas palm the toad reality allowed me to feel this free flow of communication between the palm and me. I felt a real feeling of connectedness, of oneness, of no separation. I felt tree consciousness. I felt the DMT in the tree as I felt the DMT in me. We were really one.

I felt that whales are constant conduits to this cosmic energy I had experienced on Toad Medicine and felt they live in a totally connected space with all life throughout time. I gave thanks to the group consciousness of the whales and celebrated a new connection.

It will not surprise me when more people activate their human potential and become telepathic, powerful healers, intuitive, aware beings that are part of the change that is required to restore balance on Earth. Keep hopping Toad.

..I feel I should write a post script to this testimonial. Last night around 27 hours after finishing writing this testimonial something happened I feel I should share to all those interested in this medicine. I didn't and don't want to say that this ritual is for everyone, it's not. For me, I believe this is extremely deep shamanic work, it is for the Warriors of deep space and only for those who feel REALLY called and only then after doing lots of research and contemplation. I'm not speaking on behalf of addicts who may see this medicine as their last chance to break their addiction and maybe save their life. I feel there needs to be support groups set up in the areas where toad has been to support people in processing the experience and the aftermath. Similar has been said about ayahuasca circles and that it can crack your auric field open and allow entities or dark energies in. Well last night at about 4am I had a visit from a dark energy that was obvious to me was more than a nightmare. Without going into details about the experience what was interesting was towards the end of this intense experience three frogs appeared. At first I though they where part of this dark energy that was chasing me and I tried to shake them away yet they persisted and showed me an old style phone. Then I got it. Like Neo looking for a way out of the matrix the frogs or toad energy was showing me tools to navigate in deep space and a way out or away from this energy. I picked up the phone heard a dial tone and instantly I was back in my room where I woke up my partner and told her what had happened. We proceeded to send good old love and light to this energy, ask our guides and ancestors for protection and visualised a bubble of light around us. I don't believe this energy had any power over me or that I was in any real danger. Yet I did have a thought for someone who was on their own without much experience in these realities. I feel its important to set up Local support groups and local follow up sharings a week or two after could also be a good idea to hear of others experiences and to gain maximum benefit from the ceremony. This is an incredible time we are in with access to these amazing teachers. Deep respect and reverence needs to be heeded for the true gifts on offer to be revealed.  I feel we all need to take some responsibility for what is being shared.

April 30, 2015