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Quote from: MagicMexico
That's interesting because I would not have described any of my experiences with 5 as having a brilliant/blinding white light although, agreed the overriding color of the experience is white. In fact I've found even by taking a very small dose of 5, everything immediately puts itself into black and white devoid of almost any other color. Is this just something physiological?
Thanx for your reply as to your experiences, which do corroborate with those of a good friend of mine, who describes his only 5-MeO trip as going into "the white room".  He says that he found his conscious-awareness floating blissfully in an expanse undifferentiated whiteness.  He did not particularly state that it was any kind of light, per se.  He did indicate that the boundaries that separated himself from the whiteness had been whollly erased and so, he completely became the whiteness (without any iota of form of substance).

As I have perceived of it, one is initially looking up at a blinding white light pulsating within an inky darkness, as seen through the lens of the third eye.  I first noticed this phenomenon while peaking on a rather large dosage of LSD-25 (way back in 1978).  I looked at this effulgence from inside of my head, radiating from behind my forehead.  I later learned that this region is where the pineal gland projects it's vortexial fulcrum as the point of the Kutashtha, "the all seeing eye".  The third eye center or as it's called in Sanskrit, the Ajna, is the 6th chakra and is both a inner lens for visionary states and also acts as a portal of sorts. 

When my attention is wholly fixed at the third eye center, I have been able to move through it's vortex, higher up into the crown region within the upper brain, where the Sahasrara unfolds as the 7th chakra center.  Once therein, everything whites out, so to speak.  As one's subjectivity melts into the Void...  all differentiation dissolves into an undifferentiated field, one wherein the light is sooooooo singular that one has a total whiteout experience.  I agree with James Oroc, the 5-MeO-DMT molecule takes one's consciousness into the heights of the 7th chakra, the "thousand petalled lotus".  Soon I will be able to explore this realm myself, God willing.   _/|\_ _/|\_

During a significant number of my experiences with psychedelics I have, at the very highest peak moments, had experiences of blinding white light.  These are always perceived through "the third eye", the Ajna chakra.  Actually, it is technically a clear and luminous light, a radiating white effulgence but one refracting an endless array of shimmering rainbow colors, each hue most vibrant and magnificent. 

I have eagerly fused my consciousness with said inviting brilliance and steered my intent merging my shifting awareness with it's infinite, loving presence.  The mind then stops for a divine pause...  and oneself is totally shattered by the immensity of the expansion into absolute being. 

Sacred Medicines like:  LSD-25, peyote/mescaline, psilocybin mushrooms and NN-DMT, do surely facilitate this kind if blissful whiteout experience.  Can those who've been blessed by the Toad Medicine, organically or synthetically produced, shed any personal/transpersonal experience reports here? 

Granted, visions and auditory sensations emanating from the pineal gland are essentially 6th chakra phenomena.  It would be awesome to hear about some of the sounds and visions (or moments of sweetest, quitest emptiness) encountered with 5-MeO-DMT, which James Oroc, author of Tryptamine Palace, suggests operates within the full bloom of the 7th chakra, the Sahasrara.  Thanx in advance, folks.   _/|\_ _/|\_ 

« on: May 11, 2018, 08:12:43 PM »
Quote from: HumbleVoyager
Not to take away from what you said, Rising Spirit. My intention is just to offer another perspective on the process that JO_neness may have been going through.
By all means, please continue to shine your light upon any statements I utter.  I just feel that in combination, Kundalini Yoga with any of the major Sacred Medicines, often overwhelming forces are released within the biology of the traveler.  But the molecules increase the process exponentially, while the Yoga...  by itself, is far less precipitous.   _/|\_

From July of 1991 until January of 2009, I partook of no psychedelics at all.  Throughout the time I still practiced deep meditation, Kriya-Kundalini Yoga, Surat Shabd Yoga and Zazen.  Rarely was I unable to balance and integrate the released the serpent energy, as it was so much more gradual. Full moons were perhaps the only exception. 

Fate drew me into the enigmatic dance with NN-DMT and I was hardly able to withstand some of the tremendous force of the geyser-like erruption!  The same goes for psilocybin mushrooms.  I honestly believe that "going to the well too often" is responsible for many voyagers troubles in grounding the surges in their Qi.  These days, I partake when I am invited by the Medicine Teachers and this is but a handful of times per year.  How often do most 21 st century psychonauts imbibe?   _/|\_

« on: May 10, 2018, 11:00:53 AM »
Quote from: JO_neness
Hey Guys, I wanna tell you I'm fine again. Stopped meditating altogether and the energy is almost gone now. Sleeping well. Thank you for your concerns!
I'm so glad to hear you've found some equilibrium and are able to sleep properly.  Insomnia is one of the unfortunate side effects from full on Kundalini activation.  Your instincts are correct about shifting attention and moving into other fields of mind, tuning into alternate brainwave states.  Learning to do this is the essence of true meditation and said, "meditation" is opening a doorway beyond oneself, which leads to your own eternal nature.   <3

Quote from: JO_neness
Also, stop using any meditative techniques you have discovered to raise the energy, even though they make you feel amazing. It's not worth your sanity.
Pardon my candor but your inability to balance and integrate the force of the "serpent energy" is precisely because you are growing rapidly in conscious-awareness and so, you are opening yourself up to the inner mechanics of your own neurological system and what lies beyond the 3rd dimension.

Deep meditation is the very best way to gradually train your body and mind to integrate the immense surge in psychic energy, incrementally, purposefully and holistically.  Again, I humbly suggest you ease back down on your use of 5-MeO-DMT and/or other self-shattering entheogenic substances...  atbleast until your system is ready. 

You've essentially released the floodwaters of immortality, but just a wee bit too suddenly and perhaps, you were somewhat unprepared?  Who ever is, though.  Cultivating an unwavering focus and creating crystalline clarity of intention is a life long journey.  Walk in peace and harmony, my friend.   _/|\_ _/|\_

« on: April 09, 2018, 09:57:57 PM »
HumbleVoyager, I am most humbled myself, that you even feel my verbose ramblings are of some value and worth.  I fully realize that never having been graced by 5-MeO-DMT...  much of what I express is subject to valid criticism.  But ever the hopeful optimist, I await the anointment with this great teacher and highest spiritual guide.

Also, I sincerely hope I did not come off as a total downer to JO_neness, seemingly being critical or preachy.  I truly care about this person's dilemma.  Still, when the planets align, the proverbial doors all fly off the hinges and the moment is absolutely right, the Divine pulls us into the undifferentiated state, the indivisible core, the insubstantial source of our very own selves...  and destroys our ignorance and sense of limitation and ultimately, separation from everything else within this web of being. 

I pray our friend learns the way to balance the onset of the energy.  Let's all share some empathy and compassion for our new family member.  Love, light and purest intent to you, dearest JO_neness.   <3 <3 <3

« on: April 07, 2018, 09:44:47 AM »
Quote from: JO_neness
I got kundalini syndrome from it. 30+ times used.
The often overwhelming release of the Kundalini is essentially, one's own life force itself, moving the fulcrum of conscious-awareness witnessed within the visions of both the psychonautical voyager or esoteric mystic, back up to the initial source, the Godhead.  I feel that Kundalini is not a syndrome or a malady.  Lack of buoyancy, confidence, self-control or basic fearful human resistance...  these may well indeed be a syndrome of sorts?

That being said, if integration is not cultivated and proper groundwork worked through, the symptoms you describe can occur.  You'd find Gopi Krishna's book an insightful read.  My small advice is to spend further time laying said groundwork, even if you are suffering from having moved too high, too quickly.  Healing is a natural, incremental process and each step you take towards a greater harmony with the universal force, the closer you will come to finding balance and peace of mind.  Try to find your center within your own spiritual heart. <3

Quote from: JO_neness
Didn't respect it enough. Flew too close to the sun and now I'm burnt. There's 4 distinct blockages of energy in my body that I cannot release. (2 in both feet, 2 in both knees) I've got almost no sleep for 3 months. I'm always cold. My skin has aged 10 years in three months. I'm depressed as hell. Tried everything to fix it and nothing's working. Losing hope, might just call it a day.
Again, the more effort you expend working on a gradual building-up of the natural flow and rise of the serpent energy...  the sweeter the experiences will get.  Consider this mega-overwhelming stage you are experiencing a gift.  An overpowering one but ultimately, a blessing.  The BIG issue here is the ceremonial way and the rapid speed at which you have achieved full activation.  Also, I suspect that you've gone to the well too often, without the required purification.  Who hasn't at one point in the journey?  Along with respect for the Medicine it's necessary to respect for the hidden energies within your own neurological system.

I personally feel that the true value of any psychedelic experience is how one both grounds and integrates this unlimited power into simple, everyday living.  You desperately need to do an ego check and be prepared to do some serious work.  Please don't, "call it a day".  Please be patient with yourself and the awakening rush of psychic energies.  Often times, when we boldly open Pandora's Box, the lid gets blown off with sometimes damaging results.  But you will heal.  Keep the faith.  Hold onto the light.  You ought to ease back on your usage and that's an understatement!   

Quote from: JO_neness
Please oh please, when you feel after a 5-MeO experience that there is energy still hanging around, give your body time to process it. Don't go chasing after the energy.
Wise advice and I'd add that you, I, each of us...  needs to recall the lessons learned and deeply ingrained, at the very appex of the peak experiences.  Surely there was medicine guidance and spiritual teaching conveyed, in those 30+ times, yes?  What might help you most is to train yourself to consciously enter into meditative states and perhaps even more importantly, add physical balancing into your life.  Hatha Yoga, Tai Chi Chuan or Qigong would be most beneficial for your predicament.  Exercise more and worry less, my friend.   _/|\_

Spirituality / Re: 5-MeO-DMT and The Clear Light of The Void
« on: March 07, 2018, 09:38:46 PM »
Quote from: Rising Spirit
And do most people here believe that the nickname, "The God Molecule" is appropriate?

Quote from: Xzen
Personally I'm ok with the name .. however I naturally tend towards referring to "The Miracle Molecule".

Great question, btw. My guess is most folk would err towards a divine term, rather than a religious one.
I think too, there is a trickiness for those who identify with being 'One with God' that can feed delusion.

The miraculous is exactly what I am seeking.  And you are most correct, when you point out that the experience of psychedelically triggered spiritual unity, can create a merging of the relative and absolute nature of conscious-awareness, which may well manifest some degree or modicum of megalomania.  Mayhaps the downside of the mystical experience?

Even so, as long as the higher truths of the nondual experience generates an increase in one's empathy with others, sense of interconnection with everything else present within this existential web of being, then the miraculous has truly taken root and the medicine has done it's job.  Ergo, the central core reveals itself through the awakened self as the spirit healing incrementally or suddenly, reaches soul-saturation, whilst the direct interphase takes place. 

Perhaps equally importantly, when we find a greater harmony and resonance with each moment of life as it unfolds and is fully lived, wholly in the eternal present, a bonafide "miracle" then becomes an ever-widdening vista, an open-ended journey.  A mode of being aimed towards limitless expansion and ultimate freedom.  Together, the individual and collective spirit re-discovers the unity within an infinite, creative diversity...  finding itself unique and reborn anew with far greater harmonic balance. 

When my time comes and 5-MeO anoints my mortal soul, I believe that such a miracle in perception will indeed trigger the kind of focus and intent which exponentially blooms beyond any and all differences and similarities of juxtaposition, between the microcosmic and the macrocosmic fields...  they themselves mirrored reflections and oscillating echoes of the very same frequency of the pure, undifferentiated point of absolute omniversalism, eternally sounding out EVERYWHERE as the very song of life itself and the initial cause of this glorious, symbiotic fabric of myriad universes intersecting in perfect symmetry, as a cohesive whole. 

Now how's that for a run-on sentence?  Lol   _/|\_ _/|\_ _/|\_

This is the most amazing thread, love seeing this here! This is what the Hive is all about. <3 _/|\_

Agreed!  So much of what we learn from are the brief glimpses we perceive of the whole.  How splendid would it be to read about Infinite Spirit's initial Bufo Alvarius journey?  I myself, patiently await the Sacred anointment.  Thank you all for your bright presence. 

5-MeO-DMT Experiences and Testimonials / Re: 5-MeO-DMT Sacred medicine
« on: February 27, 2018, 08:41:57 AM »
Quote from: Infinite Spirit
I did want to also say thank you for your introduction to ‘Surat Shabd Yoga’ – I hadn’t heard about that before and I’m always fascinated to learn about any spiritual practice e that incorporates the use of sound. I briefly looked into this and it’s certainly an area I would like to explore further.
Thank you again for your openness an willingness to share  <3 _/|\_

Surat Shabd Yoga, as taught within the tradition of the Radhasoami faith or alternately, Sant Mat...  is essentially, Nada Yoga and dates back to before the Upanishads were even written down.  The gist of the method is to close out the external distractions by plugging the ears, eyes, nostrils, etc...  so as to attune the inner ear (the mind's ear or perhaps, the 3rd ear) to the various tones within the sound current of AUM, whose resonance creates myriad realities.   _/|\_ _/|\_ _/|\_

There are ascending inner sounds which are traditionally likened to:  crickets chirping, tiny bells being rung, rumbling thunder, buzzing bees, high flute sounds, fluttering, droning motor-like sounds, hissing or more accurately, the sound of steam whispering...  and maybe the highest ringing over-tone, what NN-DMT voyagers call, "The Carrier Wave".  The uplifting, high resonance sound current as a vibratingng oscillation, which carries the attention of the witness listening to higher and higher still, peak levels of conscious-awareness. 

Ultimately, the roaring silence gives way to an absolute quietude.  The mind stops thinking and identifying this or that aspect of the vibratory field of the Infinite Web and in such clarity and sheer emptiness...  the awakening of the Omniself takes birth.  This is Savikalpa Samadhi and no dualism can exist in such an undifferentiated vacuum of Divine ecstasy.   <3

I left the Sant Mat path back in 1984, after 2 years involvement, as it is a VERY sectarian path.  Many of the disciples are fixated on Guru worship and spend a ridiculous amount of focus putting other paths down and failing to see the underlying unity between the various schools of meditation, regardless of sect or affiliation. 

Tragically, many of the problems stem from the hierarchically oriented pride sprouting from the Sikh influence within this path.  Sadly, egotism and one-upmanship nearly poisons the present lineage, as is so with most organized religious groups.  Pardon any if I offend but from the standpoint of Advaita Vedanta, this whole dream is imaginary.  Sigh...  I've no stomache for rigid sectarianism, it's not exactly my cup of tea for it tastes quite sour.

From my vantage point, the teachings of Maharshi Mehi Paramhans are the very highest within the lineage.  He wrote extensively about the unity of all spiritual paths and interpreted the Vedas, Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita and the teachings of Sant Kabir.  He lived 101 years but departed in 1986.  Do look into his writings, Maharshi Mehi Paramhans Ji. 

There is an understated, practically microscopic link at the bottom if this post.  A free pdf of one of this Surat Shabd Yoga teacher's books, Philosophy of Liberation.  Just click on the link, that is, if you can find it.   ;)   ;D   ;)

5-MeO-DMT Experiences and Testimonials / Re: 5-MeO-DMT Sacred medicine
« on: February 21, 2018, 08:51:06 AM »
Quote from: Infinite Spirit
I definitely want to write a full post about that initial toad medicine experience as it was certainly a major shift for me - it was extremely powerful full immersion into the non-dual awakening, so I look forward to sharing more about that, and I really relate to a lot of what Ive read on here from others about there experiences with the toad. 'Sacred medicines' does seem the appropriate terminology, alongside 'ancient technologies', 'enthoegens' e.t.c...
Yes, please do!  The more trip reports posted herein, the better.  We can all concur about the difficulty of describing the peak of such elevated, nondual experiences but immediately prior to and just following the full immersion (what I call, "the eclipsing"), there is enough distinction betwixt subjective and objective states of cognition to cull some jewels in perception.  So, it would be grand to hear more of your initial toad journey.  <3
Quote from: Infinite Spirit
The medicines allow us to enter enhanced states of conciousness that are the doorways to the most sacred of experiences, the mystical state, the oneness, nirvana - there are many words for those states but underlying all the names, they embody the sacred... and the tools that can enable us to heal and to access those realms within are undoubtedly medicines, if only the wider society would come to understand the power of these healing agents, these medicines, then with that greater understanding we could speed up the work to heal our planet & our collective conciousness & more people could access and be able to benefit from the vast healing potential of the medicines, without being turned away by misunderstanding generated from predujice and a lack of understanding.
This is KEY for our growing understanding, to surrender to the powerful force of the medicine teachers.  In ancient cultures and those indigenous native peoples still today using psychedelics and ritual trance states to augment higher conscious-awareness, there exists a clearly defined pathway for the sacred methodology of personal transformation and self-transcendence.
Quote from: Infinite Spirit
My husband is a yoga teacher & together we co-facilitate yoga & sound healing events, with a psychedelic approach & often for the psychedelic community, hugely inspred by our work with the medicines. Although it's amazing to come through a tradition and have the shared wisdom passed down from those who came before us, my greatest resource for learning and training are the spirit guides, teachers, ancestors & plant spirits that I have developed relationships with through journeying within during what can be labelled as shamanic work, with and without the medicines. I think these medicines certainly humble us when we realise how little we really know & how complex & incredible the intricacies are within the divine conciousness within all that is. Regarding my use of sound, I've learnt a lot of from spirit about how to use sound, and the greatest skill I've found is in trying to get as much of my own ego out of the way to allow those energies to come through to do the work they can do, to allow myself to be a vessel for that. We all have the oppurtunity to open to those connections and teachings, if we can allow ourselves to open to those experiences, and to develop those relationships when they arise. For all the books and talks and words I may have read, it amounts to not a lot when compared to the teachings available when we seek guidance within...from my perspective anyhow.
This sounds both wonderful and most fascinating.  Please share a tad more about the specifics of your sadhana and the techniques followed to release such a full bloom in heightened cognitive functioning.  Do you find these sound frequencies to exist independently, within the deeper self or does the practice of the soundscapes sung, facilitate the union of the seeker and That which is sought?   8)
Quote from: Infinite Spirit
It is certainly my experience that the sound of OM resonates within that space beneath all other sounds, although I find that with sound being such an amazing tools for releasing and shifting energy, and for moving through these experiences, a whole range of sounds become key within the medicine space. It often feels as though a frequecy needs to be sounded and reached to allow certainly energetic shifts to occur and it's a communal effort between the energies present to hit those frequencies, to allow them to come through, almost as if the technique of moving through issues, energetically or otherwise, in those realms, revolves around sound and the ability to use sound & therefore energy, to process and release the energy surrounding emotional blocks or issues - sound as a tool for reaching deeper within that divine conciousness and shifting the energy within that space, to purge, to release, to create - intrinsic to all within the space. In ego-death experiences, it has felt like when all else is stripped back, what I'm left with, the thread that holds the energy within my conciousness together, is sound, and there is great power and wisdom in the journey to learn how to use sound to assist the process within that state.
I share much of your revelation about the intricate nature of the universal, sonic vibration issuing from the Godself (what I have a penchant for naming, the Omnisef.  That unified field of unbound being wherein we are all the very same, undifferentiated cause).  I feel that this cosmic song, this universal melody, is the language of light itself.  I can honestly confide that the sound is interconnected with visions of rainbow-hued, white light, whose effulgence radiates Divine intelligence and the purest expression of love.  I have always used the sound of AUM as the primary focus of both, my sitting meditation and my inward voyages with entheogens. 

Since 1978, the quintessential tone of the OM has drawn my attention from the surface of my consciousness to the epicenter.  This most sacred word has cloaked itself in an infinite variety of subtle undertones and overtones, but of course.  Some of the methods used in Kriya Yoga highlight this phenomenon, as does the path of Surat Shabd Yoga.  There are many ascending tonal frequencies within the overall droning of the AUM and from my own experiences, the high ringing vibration of the carrier wave is vital to lifting our intent beyond the boundaries of oneself.  As you so eloquently put it, the movement into and through these sonics shifts our attention towards the great interphase within the ineffible plane of the mystical, the holy realm of the Godhead.  Thank you for shining your mind's heart with us all, brother.   _/|\_ _/|\_   _/|\_

5-MeO-DMT Experiences and Testimonials / Re: 5-MeO-DMT Sacred medicine
« on: February 18, 2018, 06:44:42 AM »
Quote from: Infinite Spirit
Dear Rising Spirit - Thank you for your message & kind words :) (On a seperate note, how did you make specific quotes from sections of my post - I wanted to quote from your post but could only see how to quote the entire post, not individual parts of it)?

I will message you with the simple instructions, okay?  It's just basic forum stuff.  The ABCs of navigation through such quality online forum platforms, as this one. 
Quote from: Infinite Spirit
I imagine that writing about my husband has given the perception that I am female, when in fact I am male, as is my husband. An easy mistake to make  ;)
Please forgive my assumption, brother.  But gender is merely a concept we collectively dream up, anyway, as all energy and inertia stem from one indivisible state of existential being, one without the dualistic limitations of age, gender, race or even  species.  There is such a lovely symbiosis between everything within this Sacred Web of Life.  All souls shine with the same light, to varrying degrees perhaps, but it's still the very same Divine effulgence refracting from one point to another, one facet touching the next upon the jewel of consciousness.   ;)

Quote from: Infinite Spirit
The medicines allow us to enter enhanced states of conciousness that are the doorways to the most sacred of experiences, the mystical state, the oneness, nirvana - there are many words for those states but underlying all the names, they embody the sacred... and the tools that can enable us to heal and to access those realms within are undoubtedly medicines, if only the wider society would come to understand the power of these healing agents, these medicines, then with that greater understanding we could speed up the work to heal our planet & our collective conciousness & more people could access and be able to benefit from the vast healing potential of the medicines, without being turned away by misunderstanding generated from predujice and a lack of understanding.
Agreed.  Much of the value of imbibing these Sacred Medicines lies in their capacity to shatter the mesmerism of the day-to-day ego parade of the relative self.  In so doing, the familiar mindset is stopped and new potential paradigmns are revealed.  I also concur with your use of the descriptive "entering" or journeying, beyond the ordinary, deeply into the extraordinary realms of experience. 

Verily, it's moving with intent through "doorways" and portals within the mind leading into higher and higher frequencies of conscious-awareness.  Movement blooms from stillness and it's clear that when the smaller, surface self is quieted or perhaps a better description, dissolved.  The greater and truest self now awakens to it's universal interconnection...  reaching fullest bloom and higher resonance, through the direct immersion into the  kaleidoscopic flowering of the Infinite Grid. 

Quote from: Infinite Spirit
Although it's amazing to come through a tradition and have the shared wisdom passed down from those who came before us, my greatest resource for learning and training are the spirit guides, teachers, ancestors & plant spirits that I have developed relationships with through journeying within during what can be labelled as shamanic work, with and without the medicines. I think these medicines certainly humble us when we realise how little we really know & how complex & incredible the intricacies are within the divine conciousness within all that is.
Are these guides accessible without your imbibing of Sacred Medicines or is the exchange exclusively connected to journeying with entheogens?  In my experiences, medicine entities, spiritual masters and angelic beings, are encountered when voyaging within the psychedelic states leading into alternate perceptual breakthroughs.  Traveling into the Clear Light of the Void is a rather self-sacrificing soul flight but the horizon is an infinitive expanse beckoning it's own reflection to wholly merge together as the Indivisible One.
Now, the "medicine entities" are only encountered with the aid of the Sacred Medicines, while spiritual masters and angelic beings can be found through intense, sober spiritual practices.  In both cases, however, what is of vital importance is accessing higher brainwave states, shifting attention towards vortices of oscillating energy fields, themselves spiralling forevermore into the very heart of the Absolute (from directly and completely plunging deeply, deeply within oneself).   <3

Quote from: Infinite Spirit
Regarding my use of sound, I've learnt a lot of from spirit about how to use sound, and the greatest skill I've found is in trying to get as much of my own ego out of the way to allow those energies to come through to do the work they can do, to allow myself to be a vessel for that. We all have the oppurtunity to open to those connections and teachings, if we can allow ourselves to open to those experiences, and to develop those relationships when they arise. For all the books and talks and words I may have read, it amounts to not a lot when compared to the teachings available when we seek guidance within...from my perspective anyhow.
Fascinating.  Your words are most inspired.  I like your view if opening and expanding our awareness of the innate teachings inherent within the core of the mortal dreamscape.  I feel very much the same.  From the vantage point of the concentrated focus of sheerest human intent, an incremental attunement is cultivated by meditation and some modicum of ritual purification.  _/|\_ _/|\_   _/|\_

« on: February 02, 2018, 08:35:51 AM »
Hi Gang.

I wanted to rekindle this lovely thread, so as to share some of my personal experiences with psychedelics and the release of kundalini, "the serpent energy".  Furthermore, I would also like to shed light on the phenomenon itself, whether activated by entheogens or by traditional spiritual practices like:  meditation, breath work and shamanic ritual. 

I feel there is s great misnomer about kundalini and it's release.  It's not exactly an all-or-nothing phenomen, as many suggest, for every living creature with a spine has some degree of "activation", regardless of species.  I'll add that even mice have pineal glands and who can really say with any degree of authority, that only humanoids experience the release of this vertically rushing energy?  I'm not stating that there have been rodent Buddhas...  neither will I emphatically claim there has not been "enlightenment" in genus other than hominids.  I will assert that cetaceans like dolphins, porpoises and whales do have such propensities towards heightened states of conscious-awareness...  but that would be best suited for another thread?  Please reference John C. Lilly's brilliant book, Center of The Cyclone.

Without some modicum of familiarity with the yogic/tantric system of chakras, much of the nature of kundalini remains unfathomable to those who have yet to feel it's tremendous, geyser-like rise up the spinal axis.  In my own case, back in March of 1978, I had no knowledge of said chakras (vortexial wheels of spinning ethereal energy), each corresponding to specific organs or glands situated in the physical body, which manifest as states of mind and consciousness within the human organism.

I was tripping on LSD-25 with my roommates, way back during art school days, and around four o'clock in the morning we retired to our own rooms.  Philip and Jane were a couple, so they retreated to engage in sexual activity and myself, to sit in deep meditation, as I was hardly ready to fall asleep.  During the peak of the trip, I experienced a stirring sensation at the base of my spine, correlating to the rectal area.  As I spontaneously tightened the anus, I felt an oscillating pulsation of energy building up.  While I had been doing Zazen meditation for more than three years already, I had yet to research the yogic sciences.  So, this was wholly uncharted territory for me. 

The force released traveled upwards and the sensation was indeed, like a snake wiggling up the center of my spinal column.  What I later realized was that the serpentine "wiggling" was actually the intersection of the ida and pingala currents around the central column of the sushumna.  These twin polarities criss-cross at each chakra center and trigger activation of these vortices, as the force escalates it's geyser-like ascent to the higher regions of the cranium.  All I knew was that I felt each intersection as if I had become a helix of sorts, as depicted in ancient Egyptian artwork. 

When the surge had hit the ceiling, so to speak, the current spouted from the top of my crown like an ejaculation of sorts.  This was perceived as if a fountain had been turned on inside of my spine and cascaded above and beyond the confines of my material body.  All of the current seemed to center itself at about arms length over my head.  I gazed upwards, towards the fulcrum pulsing above myself.  I found myself awake and alert, ascending through intent alone, higher above the physical form of my human identity.  I heard various humming, rushing, ringing tones both within and outside of what I routinely experienced as the boundaries of myself.  I saw a blinding white light radiating from the top of my head and my third eye was the lens which viewed this tremendous effulgencence.  It seemed to dissolve my mind and silence all of my thoughts.  Where was I and what was happening to me?

I clearly recalled the time I had nearly drowned in our swimming pool, when I was 9 or 10 years old.  I had gotten tangled-up in the ropes around a styrofoam lifesaver and inhaled a good deal of pool water.  Thankfully, my stepfather pulled me out of the pool and pumped the water out of my lungs and gave me CPR.  I heard loud "pop" sound and found myself floating about ten or twelve feet above the drama unfolding beneath me.  Me?  Wasn't I the little boy clinging to life or was I the soul who existed before there ever was a baby me born?  Being a child, I hadn't a clue as to what was happening...  but I knew I had almost died.  In essence, I had returned to my ethereal body and was disconnected from my material shell.  Suffice it to say, I lived through the traumatic event but never again felt that I was merely a 3-dimensional mortal, for I had tasted the immortality of the spiritual, the realm of the soul.  I knew that one day I would again be free to take flight into the beyond.   _/|\_ _/|\_

Needless to say, peaking my brains out on acid was not exactly the same phenomenon but the sensation of transcendence was the same.  I slipped out of myself and desperately wanted to merge with the great light.  As I hovered overhead, I could hear this incredible rumbling sound.  It had a ringing overtone to it but it was an oscillation of sorts, which made itself heard as AUM.  Decades later, the carrier wave encountered with NN-DMT would take me even higher.  This tone vibrated in sync with my state of being and began to wash away my earthly identity.  For a few hours, I stayed in this deep trance state.  When the rushing force settled back downwards...  I was reacquainted with my ego-self and it's life drama.  Honestly, I was never quite the same. 

Currently, after forty years of training in Kriya Yoga, as well as other systems like:  Surat Shabd Yoga, Sufism, internal Taoist practices and Zen, it's clear that one's ability to silence the mind, shift one's attention and move by sheer intent alone, beyond the restraints of dualistic perceptions and the consequences of dreaming...  results in a fullness with sweetest emptiness, thereby fusing the mind's heart with an incredible self-erasing force (like a moth to the flame).

 Ideally the intensity is far more grounded and truthfully, less powerful.  In theory, within my routine spiritual sadhana there is no outside catalist nor external trigger but when I do engage in entheogenic voyages, the powerful geyser-like rise in kundalini is much the same as ever.  My very first NN-DMT journey blew the proverbial door off the hinges, to such an immense degree, I assumed I was never coming back!!!  I did return, but of course and I am grateful to have the chance to become a better person.

The second to last ritual I partook of with psilocybin mushrooms, was much the same.  Instead of sitting in padmasana or "lotus posture", I lay flat on my back in savasana or "corpse posture".  My physicall body felt particularly electrocuted from the flood release of potent current and it was only through breathing consciously and methodically, that I gradually centered into a tranquil state of mind and ease of body.  Initially, my prone body was actually pulsating and practically bouncing off of my bed!  I felt almost like a strip of bacon in a frying pan!  Eventually, I let go of control and things balanced to a far greater harmony.  Ahhh...  sweet release.

Being ripped apart between the juxtaposition of the physical and astral bodies can be both foolhardy and quite dangerous, psychically speaking.  Had it not been the intervening of my highest spiritual Master, I may have been damaged terribly.  Who can really ever know?  Suffice it to say, full kundalini activation is hard on the neurological system and if the nadis are not cleansed thoroughly enough, over a prolonged period of regular training, all hell can break loose.  Nadis are the subtle channels in which the kundalini flows.  Kind of like psychic nerve conduits, as conceived of within the philosophy of yoga and tantra. 

In my daily practices, the incremental cultivation of this serpent energy is a very, very looooooong attunement, not a sudden geyser coming out of nowhere.  But I suspect when the groundwork is prepared thoroughly enough... the release could well be just as intense.  Would anyone care to share any of their own kundallni experiences on either NN-DMT or more importantly, with 5-MeO-DMT? 

It is noteworthy that James Oroc, the author of Tryptamine Palace, clearly states that NN-DMT opens up the ajna or 6th chakra (third eye) and 5-MeO the sahasrara or 7th chakra (the "thousand petaled lotus abloom way high up within the crown).  Being a 5-MeO virgin, I cannot add any insight here about the mighty 5 but any of the major psychedelics trigger both and more, in my own experiences.  Hari Om Tat Sat.

Ciao.  Have a wonderful day or night, my friends.  <3

5-MeO-DMT Experiences and Testimonials / Re: 5-MeO-DMT Sacred medicine
« on: January 31, 2018, 09:09:27 AM »
Quote from: Infinite Spirit
Putting what so often feels ineffable into words is a challenge, but it’s worthwhile to try, whilst recognising that any attempt at describing the experience of this incredible teacher is destined to fall short.
I wholly agree and I must say that you've a most lovely way of bringing to light much of what is nearly impossible to speak about, our deepest spiritual experiences.  When the mystical interphase of finite sentience and immersion into transcendence within the Infinite Web (supra-consciously), nothing really can be said of the seamless union...  as within the nondual field, oneself is effectively erased from it's propensity for subjectivity.  But enough can be gleaned pre-eclipsing and also, afterwards, during the post-eclipsing return journey.

As a sidenote, we must be relatives, since we have the same last name?  Right?  Lol   ;D

Quote from: Infinite Spirit
I felt anticipation and certainly a degree of fear beforehand. Despite having worked with the medicines for many years, with considerable experience with N,N-DMT, my previous session with toad medicine had been one of, if not the, most intense enhanced state of consciousness that I had ever experienced. It had been so earth shatteringly powerful, a complete ego-death, that it had taken me nearly 6 months to integrate it enough to feel ready to return to that space.
Please elucidate further, dear sister.  As a 5-MeO virgin, I am eager to know more of your perceptual experience with The God Molecule.  From my very first Kundalini awakening in 1978, with LSD-25, my ego-self has been gradually attuning to the resplendence of the nondual Omniself.  The blinding clear light caressed my soul and it has been a voyage through many dreamscape...  which each vanish in the effulgence of the Oneness.  And I so appreciate your using the term "Sacred Medicine", for no other description fits in my way of thinking about entheogens like:  LSD, mescaline, psilocybin and NN-DMT.  I currently, patiently await the anointment with Lord 5-MeO-DMT.   _/|\_   _/|\_

Quote from: Infinite Spirit
I set my intention, meditated, prayed, and did some techniques with the breath & voice which I find beneficial before ceremony.  I recall for a brief moment thinking ‘oh, I’m not sure this is going to be that strong’, as I lay back. Immediately, an intense overwhelming rush of energy flowed through my body forcing me to sit bolt upright. I was catapulted into a fractal landscape comprising of incredibly fast moving bands of bright light that I was surging through. The speed & intensity was overwhelming as ‘I’ collapsed into the experience, with no choice but to let go with each passing moment…trust, be open & let go, let go, let go. It felt as though an energy had re-awoken deep within and was now bursting out through every pore of my body, splitting ‘me’ into a billion tiny fragments. The narratives of ‘me', as an identity, were being forced through the eye of an entheogenic needle until what remained was an embodiment of the energetic aspect of god consciousness within us all.

 ‘I’ could be in the flow of this divine energy through the use of movement & sound. To let go, meant allowing that energy to do as it needed with no restriction, to allow the frequencies to come through this voice, to allow this body to facilitate the shifts through specific movement, to release energetic blocks through sound.

The combination of various patterns of breathing, frequencies & movement created a river that allowed a torrent of energy to flow through in the way it had to. The sounds came from deep within & from beyond, songs that needed to come through, deep base chants, higher frequencies, overtones, breath work patterns in sync with mudras created with the hands and arms. Waves of sound rolled through my human form, and through the letting go into that sound, the journey went deeper and deeper. And then the purge came.
I am fascinated to know which tradition you have learned from, in regards to breathwork and sound.  Have you studied Nada Yoga or Surat Shabd Yoga, Sufism or is your path an indigenous Shamanic one?  Regardless, the primary force is one which shatters the mind's illusions and allows for a shift in conscious-awareness, whereby the witness to one's own dreamscape enters multi-dimensionality and subtler and subtler frequencies of vibratory being, ascending through myriad vortices (only to then arrive within the immeasurable fulcrum and Divine state of the undifferentiated Godhead). 

Quote from: Infinite Spirit
I felt overwhelmed by a sense of deep gratitude - gratitude for the work, for this path, for the healing that it has enabled, for the guidance offered, for sound & other tools that can facilitate the navigation of these states of consciousness. Unlike various ayahuasca or psilocybin experiences where there are often narratives and stories surrounding the purging: an awareness of what had caused specific blocks or trauma, within this healing experience there was no narrative, there was no room for stories about my past, there was only an energy that was moving & shifting & shedding parts of itself to make room for growth. My ‘story’ didn’t matter. The energy that embodies this human form in this moment had found its way to the heart of the divine where it could do the work needed to heal itself.
Beautifully worded.  Your description brings tears to my eyes and makes my heart smile a mile wide!  Thank you, so so much, for sharing.   <3

Quote from: Infinite Spirit
All these words seem futile as I write them as they are me now trying to record something that is so indescribable. Much of this experience is hard to recall because it felt like ‘I’ had died & what was left was an energetic process propelled forwards by the medicine, sound & movement. After about 15 minutes, ‘I’ became more present & felt the need to be free of my clothes. Getting naked, I proceeded to dance, to chant & sing, to laugh with an overwhelming sense of pure unadulterated joy & gratitude for the divinity within us all, for the power & healing potential of these medicines, for the work that had come & that which was yet to come. I then entered a fruitful phase of guidance, connecting to several guides I have been working with for some time. These were fascinating moments during the experience. It felt as though the initial phase has been about cleansing and releasing, and once this main purge & bodywork had been concluded & ‘I’ began to return, a new phase with different kind of teachings could occur. I am a sound healer & within this ceremonial space I have several large gongs, drums, singing bowls & other instruments. I spent the remainder of the experience playing a large gong & singing, listen to what needed to be heard, singing what needed to be sung, as I slowly grounded back into the space assisted by the sounds.
Please share with us, if you are able to in words, something of these inner sounds. Is there a carrier wave tone or deep rumbling AUM vibration in your spirit flights with 5-MeO?  Much of my practice in deep meditation is centered on the internal frequencies of sound and the Medicines greatly heighten this vacuum-like, inner focus.  I have heard these sounds from all of the major entheogenic teachers and...  then ultimately...  The supreme quietude which emanates from the roaring silence of the Void. 

Quote from: Infinite Spirit
Both of the medicines ability to transport me into that divine connected state of consciousness. Both felt like incredible doorways to the heart of god consciousness with an intensity & authenticity that I haven’t found to the same degree, in any other medicines.
I use various practices on a daily basis such as meditation, breath, body & voice work and I find them all to be amazing tools for integration. In the weeks following this ceremony, I was able to attain much deeper states of meditation and with the use of drums & other instruments have reached unusually deep states of trance for journeying within.
Yes!  Integration is so key to bringing the treasures encountered during sacred voyages, into our daily lives.  There is a great peace derived from KNOWING directly, that everything is quintessentially... 

Wholly interconnected and that the Absolute is present in the relative, the Infinite within the finite, the Eternal spiralling inside of the temporal bubble of our transient personal perception.  Keeping our mind's heart open to the undifferentiated and wholly Unified Field, which incrementally blooms as the nectar of Amrita, the ecstatic bliss of the Omniversal unification embodied in human understanding...  we then truly create a more harmonious pathway for the indwelling soul through this dreaming, mortal paradigmn. 

I bow deeply to you, wise sister.  Much love and many thanks for being here now, touching and being touched.  Namaskar!   _/|\_

« on: January 18, 2018, 10:44:00 PM »
I'll second that!  From Leonardo's drawing of the vitruvian or cardinal man, Kabbalistic and Gnostic imagery, Vedic chakra system, Egyptian double helix...  wow, this is a fabulous map.  I'd love to see it more clearly.  Any links or a book title? 

This morning, when I went to Facebook, this image was the first one I saw.  Not as complex or sophisticated, but kind of pretty and synchronistic to this wonderful discussion.  Coincidence or Kismet?   _/|\_

« on: January 16, 2018, 09:51:35 AM »
Quote from: Bancopuma
I do think there is something to this kundalini stuff, and that the yogi's are on to something. I'm not claiming to have personal experience with it although I have experienced different facets of what I would consider my bioenergetic system. And it is this system as you point out that 5-MeO-DMT seems to work with, in a highly specific manner compared to other psychedelics. So I've long pondered a potential link between kundalini and 5-MeO-DMT.
Myself being a 5-MeO-DMT virgin, I cannot say with any validity whether or not 5-MeO has a greater capacity to trigger the release of Kundalini.  I have, however, had the experience of full blown Kundalini activation triggered from:  LSD-25, mescaline, psilocybin and NN-DMT.  When I initially encountered "the serpent energy", back in 1978, I had no knowledge of the phenomenon, despite having practiced sitting meditation since 1975.  Through martial arts training, I had been introduced to Seon Buddhist meditation (Zen).  So, perhaps this influenced the release?  It was to occur on my 5th or 6th trip on acid...  and the effects changed my life permanently. 
Quote from: Bancopuma
I thought Indian yogi/mystic/writer Gopi Krishna's eloquent account of his full kundalini awakening experience sounded very familiar with respect to the 5-MeO experience:
"The illumination grew brighter and brighter, the roaring louder, I experienced a rocking sensation and then felt myself slipping out of my body, entirely enveloped in a halo of light. It is impossible to describe the experience accurately. I felt the point of consciousness that was myself growing wider surrounded by waves of light. It grew wider and wider, spreading outward while the body, normally the immediate object of its perception, appeared to have receded into the distance until I became entirely unconscious of it. I was now all consciousness without any outline, without any idea of corporeal appendage, without any feeling or sensation coming from the senses, immersed in a sea of light simultaneously conscious and aware at every point, spread out, as it were, in all directions without any barrier or material obstruction. I was no longer myself, or to be more accurate, no longer as I knew myself to be, a small point of awareness confined to a body, but instead was a vast circle of consciousness in which the body was but a point, bathed in light and in a state of exultation and happiness impossible to describe."
...sounds familiar, no? The experience of light, and waves of light, the loss of contact with the physical body, the experience of boundless, bodiless consciousness, a state of exultation and bliss...there a number of interesting overlaps with a full release/breakthrough dose of 5-MeO.
A wonderful book!  I highly recommend reading Gopi Krishna's epic book, Kundalini:  The Evolutionary Energy in Man.
Quote from: Bancopuma
Now one thing you tend to hear from yogi's into kundalini yoga and other forms of yoga that work with this kundalini energy is that it takes a great deal of preparation and purification, and guidance is required in order for one to awaken their kundalini safely. An analogy sometimes used is that trying to awaken kundalini before one's system is ready for it is akin to try forcing far more voltage through a bulb than it can need to tune up the electrical circuitry with practices and under guidance so you don't get any short circuits with all that excess energy going into one's system. I'm not sure to what degree this is outdated dogma, and to what degree it is true and sage advice (I've heard a few believable accounts of people suffering side effects from practicing kundalini yoga and having to cease their practice so I think there may be something to this) would be good to have a yogi or two chime in here. But kundalini syndrome (the side effects of a kundalini awakening gone wrong) or symptoms like them rarely seem to be reported by 5-MeO I'm wondering if they are different even if they overlap to a fair degree.
It would be really interesting to hear from someone who practices kundalini or other forms of esoteric yoga for their perspective.
Within days of my initial experience, I began to read Swami Paramahansa Yogananda's, Autobiography of A Yogi  I was initiated into the practice of Kriya Yoga in 1979 and began the gradual journey of Self Realization.  Kriya Yoga is essentially the science of Kundalini activation and the cultivation of an unwavering degree of concentration. 

Kundalini is studied through many branches of Yoga and Tantra.  Such pathways are incrementally developed methodology and great care is taken to prepare the nervous system and neurological functions to balance the explosive release of the life force coiled at the base of the spine. Purification of the sadhaka is a prerequisite but eventually, the activation is a geyser-like flood of energy, shooting up the spinal axis, where it reaches full bloom at the Sahasrara (the 7th chakra). 

When the seeker effectively enters Savikalpa Samadhi, the inner witness merges with the nondual state and the experience dissolves, albeit temporarily, the division between the relative and the absolute vanishes, perceptually.  Finite reality is revealed to be infinite reality and in such blinding effulgence...  the greatest ecstasy is birthed.  One so sweet, it vaporized the human ego.  Interphase with the undifferentiated realm of the Unified Field is perhaps the ultimate reason for human evolution. 

Namaste, All.   _/|\_

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