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This space is dedicated to users' contributions of their experiences with the venom of the Sonoran Desert toad (bufo alvarius). Sharing our experiences not only helps to integrate the experience for yourself, it helps others to make sense of their own. Together, we can come to a more comprehensive understanding of what this substance can offer us.

For other users to fully receive what you contribute, it may be pertinent to share the set/setting format (i.e., ceremonial, personal exploration, recreational, etc.) and what delivery mechanism was used (i.e., vape, glass pipe, etc.).

This forum aims to avoid identifying any others who may have been part of your experience, i.e., trip-sitter, facilitator, shaman, co-participant, etc.). Any identifying information included in your report may be monitored and removed by forum moderators. If you are curious about more details about the identification of anyone involved in a report, please contact the contributor directly.

For further clarity regarding your responsibilities as a 5 Hive member, please review the Terms of Use and Registration Agreement: https://forums.5meodmt.org/index.php?topic=50318.msg53737#msg53737


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