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Thanks for the insights. I'm on a few groups and dosage for plugging is indeed all over the place. I've found a post (linked below) of someone who's really gone into depth with this ROA in general, and from what he says I get the sense that part of the variation between people is down to how they plug. Apparently the area of maximum absorption is pretty small, so the exact way you do it can place the substance right on the spot (100% immediate absorption) or just nearby (lower and slower absorption).


As for weighing, I've been experimenting with dissolving the FB in vodka, then evaporating it. I dissolved 100mg in 10ml (my $20 scales can weigh 100mg accurately enough), then I used a 1ml syringe to put exactly 1.5ml on a mirror and let it evaporate. I weighed it and it was spot on 15mg!!!

As for my plugging experiment in the coming days, I'm gonna start with 10mg, based on the theory that if I do it exactly right, it will be equivalent to 20mg vaped! If nothing at all happens, I'm gonna wait 2 hours then smoke 15mg with a mesh vape I built ([size=78%][/size])

My ego's got it all figured out, hahaha!
Wow, I'm really confused now... 20mg vaped sounds like a lot too, for synthetic. Whiteout level?

Also, I thought plugging meant you only needed half the dose of vaping. In this post they talk about 10 mg plugged being potentially equivalent to 20 mg vaped. That's with HCL in water, not FB in vinegar. Is FB in vinegar really that much weaker?

Thanks for the tip, I'll try the vinegar plugging.

Wow, 70mg?!?!?!?!? Smoking 10mg is plenty for me to get a full release, and 5mg is always hella intense. I can't even fathom 70mg, not even if it was N,N-DMT!
Hi, I've decided to try plugging some synthetic 5-MeO-DMT, but it's in FB form. The main conversion tek to HCL is complex and uses materials I can't easily obtain (for example, pure acetone).

I was wondering if I can simply dissolve it in something like vinegar, without any evaporation step, and plug that solution. If so, is there a specific ratio of vinegar to FB?

Also, how stable would it be for storing for a year or two?
Introductions/Newbies / Happy to join this Toadship
August 01, 2020, 07:12:12 AM
Hi, I had the privilege of participating in a handful of toad ceremonies a few years ago, and now some 5 has dropped in my lap (ok, maybe not dropped, since it took quite some effort to source it  ;D ). Before re-embarking on some journeys I wanted to refresh my memory, to stay safe and make the best of the opportunity. This portal is amazing!!!