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Toad Experiences and Testimonials / 30mg - 40mg (organic)
September 11, 2018, 05:57:46 PM
I have continued my self-study of the management of medicine. On September 8th, I vaporized 30mg. I was always conscious but I experienced a lot of emotionality. An hour ago, I vaporized 40mg. It was very beautiful. Conscious but keeping the mind quiet. There was less emotionality and more silence and stillness. I have maintained the total fast with only water during this week. The next session will be on the 14th, when I will vaporize 50mg and I finish this part of the process on Sep 17, when I will vaporize 70mg, keeping the total fast until that day. I was pleased to feel very connected to the divine without having yet the full release.
General Discussion / FULL RELEASE DOSE
September 04, 2018, 10:09:33 AM
This subject has me confused. In my first experience, I smoked 70mg. It was wonderful. In the second, 50mg, very intense but shorter. In the third, only 10mg and I was always conscious. Now I read in the post about doses, which speak of 20mg for a full release.
"X" approached. I was already seating in lotus pose. He seated in front of me and instructed me clearly: "I'm going to light up the glass pipe. When you see smoke coming out of the bubble release all the air in your lungs and start to inhale. Inhale as much as you can, shut your mouth and your nose and hold your breathe for at least ten seconds. I will countdown from 10. When you feel it's right, lay down on the cushions and give yourself away".
[/size]He offered me two pipes. Out of simple intuition I picked the one from the left and I remember immediately that scene with Neo and Morpheus in the movie the Matrix.
[/size]Since a year ago I had the certainty that this experience would be the culmination of a trip that took a lifetime to prepare.
[/size]Ten, nine, eight, seven, six... in that moment a translucent veil open wide before my eyes and I saw myself in an immeasurable balcony: I had the whole universe before me... I could no longer hear the voice of "X".
[/size]It could have been a second or an eternity, there was no time nor space any longer, absolutely no referent. All of a sudden I experienced something I had never imagined, a deep connection with everything that is, it has been and it will be. In that moment I could no longer see what I used to see before, I started to notice that I was but another particle in a sum that all together created the most precious and luminous image that for a human mind it's impossible to nearly suspect its existence, with a sharpness of detail to the level of a fractal before an eternal immensity. I was experiencing the Universal Love in my life, the connection with Divinity. More than seeing it I was a part of the whole, pure, perfect and harmonious.  A vibrant and brilliant white was the backdrop to these iridescent forms of greens, purple and lilac dancing synchronically in this universe of indescribable love. And then, total silence, infinite calmness, blank and still mind.
[/size]Later on, a series of images passed before my eyes at an amazing speed: my entire life in photograms. It was back in place, it was the own self, the personality, the ego, running again the mental system. Despite I had never closed my eyes, I "opened" them again a few moments before I could define again the shapes, the wall, the window, the mandalas made in fabric and the figure of "X" seating in lotus pose with his hands in a prayer, I felt the energy lying behind everything. I as already seating, still in a trance, I was giving thanks in English and Spanish... Thank You, Gracias, Gracias, Thank You...
[/size]I got up, I gave a long hug to "X, I thanked him and I told him that I had waited for him thru many lives. We went out to the porch of the small house ... and yes, I felt like I could see for the first time in my life. They offered me an apple with a jam of honey and seeds and I tasted it like if I never had eaten before.
[/size]I was still barefoot. I went down the steps to the green yard, I sank my feet in the humidity, I opened my arms like a cross and I worshipped the sun that was shining there. It was 5 o'clock in the afternoon of March 18 of 2017 in Longview, state of Washington.
[/size]After billions and billions of years, when I got to that humble place at 4 o'clock the cosmic clock of Eternal Consciousness inside me pointed that I had reached the furthermost point from the source we all come from, and that now, under the ray lights of the heavenly body that nurtures our lives, the returning journey to that same source had began, and it was no other than the sublime experience I had gone thru only to remind me that I have never been separated from it, that we are one, and that everything we must live in this "reality" is absolutely perfect and necessary in order to learn, understand and finally comprehend.
[/size]Half an hour later I was walking amazed by the magnificence of this "reality" and I was thinking precisely in all I had lived throughout 58 years, so many situations of all kind and order and their perfect sequence in the synchronicity of the universe to finally teach me what I had to learn in order to make me find the frog medicine, the most sublime experience that a living being can tell.
[/size]I had reached the gates of love, so now I was starting the most fascinating experience in the fascinating life I've lived: how could I integrate such an experience in my every day life? What could I do with my days after drinking the mystic wine?
[/size]That's what this site is about, sharing not only what is going to happen from now on, but also telling everything that has happened to me since that September 17 of 1959, when I was born to this experience of life, a life where I was allowed to live the path of love, the epic journey that we all walk.
Introductions/Newbies / Awakening
August 31, 2018, 07:30:55 PM
It is nice to find this forum. A year ago I had the extraordinary opportunity to experiment with the Bufo. In the course of this time I have lived it twice more. Nothing was the same again. I am pleased to know that there are people dealing with this issue with seriousness, knowledge and depth. Thank you.